Event Promotion Package
SmartShanghai runs the city's best English language Events calendar. It's the first destination for everyone to check what's happening in the city this week. It's free to list your event but that only gives you very limited exposure. To reach a larger audience, we are offering this cost efficient way to reach your exact target audience:
/ Single Event
/ Multi Day Event
Prices in RMB including VAT invoice.
Featured as "Happening Now" on The Buzz
The Buzz is our top feature and the first thing users look at on our website, app and MiniProgram. Your event will show there ahead of the event and during the event with a "happening now" badge.
Featured in our Weekly WeChat Post and Ticketing
We send out a weekly list of events recommendation to our followers, over 30k active subscribers. We usually only include a small number of events. As a client, yours will be included.
Direct Marketing to 200 SmSh Members
When users sign up on our app we ask them for what their interests are. You can pick one interest, e.g. "Clubbing" and optionally a nationality, and we'll send an event recommendation to 200 matching members.
Premium Event Listing
Stand out on Shanghai's most popular events calendar. Your event will show with a much larger thumbnail and more text on all our devices, Web, MiniProgram and the SmartShanghai App.
Featured on the SmartShanghai Homepage
Only a handful of events make it into the curated selection on the SmartShanghai homepage, so this is a popular destination for our users to find the top events. Your event will be featured here for at least 3 days.
And Also:
Link to Your Own Social Media
You can include a link to your own WeChat posts and also to 3rd party ticketing services. This isn't allowed for free listings.
Guaranteed Listed within 1 Working Day
Free submissions have no guarantee to get listed, and usually take 3-4 working days to appear online.
Sell Tickets with only 5% commission
We usually charge 10% commission for no-clients on SmartTicket. With the "Event Promotion Package" you benefit from a lower commission. Please note that we we only accept nightlife events if we are the exclusive ticketing partner.
Personal Support / WeChat Group With Our Editor
We'll create a WeChat group with our Editor and Ticketing admins so we can help you make modifications directly and discuss your promotion progress.

Upgrade Now

Please first submit your event to us and then contact our Sales Manager to upgrade it.

Frequently Asked

  • How many new customers will I get ?

    We're excited to share that opting for our Premium Venue Listing will significantly boost your visibility. With this enhanced feature, your listing will be promoted extensively in our recommendations, reaching a significantly international audiences. This means that your business will be seen by ten times more of our dedicated readers, maximizing your potential for new customer acquisition.

    While the exposure increase is guaranteed, the ultimate conversion to customers depends on the appeal of your offerings and the demand for your products or services. Please keep in mind that certain categories on SmartShanghai enjoy higher traffic, while others may experience comparatively less engagement. It's important to note that our commitment to transparency means that we never manipulate any statistics. Thus, we are unable to provide an exact projection of the number of new customers you might gain from a premium venue listing.

    Your business's attractiveness and the existing market demand will play a vital role in determining the conversion rate. We value your trust in our services and are committed to your success.

  • Can I submit the venue description or tell SmartShanghai what to write? What's the Editor's Description?

    Editors Descriptions are, as it says, a description of your venue written by our professional Native Editor. The description is neutral, descriptive, informative, as a service to our users. You may let us know what you think is important for our readers to know about the venue, but ultimately it's up to our discretion what we write. However, in a Premium Venue Listing you also have the ability to show your own description in which you can describe your business in your own words. 

  • Will I get to see how many users view my Premium Venue Listing or the data report of my Advertising?

    Absolutely! As our esteemed Premium Venue Listing or advertising client, we are delighted to offer an upgrade to your SmSh user account, granting you access to valuable data regarding your listing and banner ads. This feature enables you to track the number of users who have engaged with your listing by clicking on it.

    It's important to note that while your listing will be visible across various platforms, including our iOS/Android app, the WeChat MiniProgram, and the website, we regret to inform you that, presently, we are unable to provide comprehensive data from the WeChat MiniProgram. Consequently, the current reporting may not be 100% accurate and may slightly underestimate the actual engagement figures.

    We are continuously working on refining our tracking capabilities to ensure the most precise and comprehensive data insights for your business. Your trust and partnership are of utmost importance to us, and we remain dedicated to providing you with the best possible service.


  • Will you write an article about my premium venue ?

    If your venue aligns with our editorial topics, there is a possibility that it may be featured in some of our roundup articles. While we aim to include your venue in relevant roundup articles, please note that the Premium Venue Listing does not encompass the production of individual articles. For article promotion services, please find more details here: WeChat Content

    The Gold Package offers the inclusion of one "Expert Article." This collaborative effort involves working closely with you on an article, highlighting your venue as an expert in a specific field, such as law-related topics. Your team's input in suggesting an informative topic for our audience is essential for this feature.

    We look forward to creating engaging and insightful content that resonates with our readership, and we appreciate your collaboration in this process.

  • Where will my listing show on top ?

    Unless a user chooses to browse listings by distance, all our listings are ordered in the following way: Gold listings show on top, Premium listings by popularity, then Free listings are ordered by popularity. Gold listings can select one category in which they will appear as the first result, and four more categories where they will appear in one of the top spots. Besides that, your listing will be shown with priority in searches and when users browse venues by location. And your listing will appear with a larger image so that it stands out from other listings.

  • If I don't need venue photography, Can I exchange that for something else or get an additional discount?

    If you already have your own photos and don't need the venue photographer, you can exchange that item for an additional 3 weeks of Big Box banner advertisement space. Unfortunately, we cannot further discount the starter package price.