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The Beer Lady Opens a New One, Dongping Lu Shuts and Hitachino Breaks Vow of Silence
By Apr 21, 2017 Dining


Some closings, lots of openings, an anniversary, y'know how it goes. Bunch of beer news, we'll get to that. New Beer Lady opened up, all of Donping Lu save one got shut down, Charlie's has visions of grand expansions and Hitachino finally responds to our emails! Exciting conclusion after the jump.


Now Open

Hard Rock Cafe is now super duper open -- both floors and stage

Quick up, Wonderland's open. I liked it. Read about 65rmb cocktails here.

Beer news! Beer Lady has opened up on Kaixuan Lu. It looks ambitious. No low ceilings or cramped courtyards here.

Brand new American beer and BBQ spot The Blind Pig Bourbon & Smokehouse has (soft) opened up on Laowaijie, Sounds like they're going heavy into meat and beer/bourbon with some Asian flavors thrown in to the mix. The promotional pictures include jars of moonshine.

Remember how I said Blue Tree Coffee on Maoming Bei Lu looked like it was going to open real soon? It opened.

Cow Bell Steak Kitchen and Bar is open (and has 20% off all food).

Hard Rock Cafe. It opened. For like the fourth time now.

Lick It is slinging gelato now on Shaanxi Bei Lu where it intersects with Changle Lu. There used to be a place there that did a pretty decent modern trdlo. I miss that. Ice cream's good too, I guess.

Refuel Bar is open tomorrow! What is it? It's on the second floor of popular trendy coffee spot Refuel Cafe on Shaanxi Bei Lu, and it is heavily biker themed. Spoked wheels for tables, seats hanging on the wall, etc. Expect maybe a leather vest or two.

Hollywood is grandly opening tonight. They've got AC Slater playing -- definitely NOT a tech house DJ -- and it's 220rmb at the door.

This just in from Morgan one desk over:

"Shanghai, did you need another lux champagne lounge on the Bund? Oh you did? That's great because Mac Champagne Lounge just opened in the Wanda Reign on the 21st floor. It's where Mattia is hosting his "Secret Party" tonight.

Have a look at this shithole if you can even bear it!"

Now Closed

glo London: The patio that was. The venue on Dongping is now permamently closed. Full statement from them below.

Salotto G on Wuding Lu has closed for renovations but word from people in the know is that it's 'renovations'. The permanent kind.

Speaking of places that were shut down for 'essential maintenance,' following quick on the heels of Shanghai Brewery's demise, The Coffee Academics and glo London have all been shut down on Dongping Lu. What. They're looking for somewhere new to go. Blackbird seems like it'll be all right. RIP Dongping Lu.

From glo London:

"Unfortunately we have to inform you all that glo London’s Wulumuqi Road
outlet will now be closed for good.We signed the termination of the
lease last week and the army have now reclaimed the premises. We are
continuing to support and develop our franchisees and looking for a new
premises. The Coffee Academics, which is a sister company, are looking
for a new site imminently. We also have our central kitchen operation
which we are expanding. If you want information about any of our other
venues, in Shanghai, Ningbo, Nanjing or Zhengzhou, don’t hesitate to
drop us a message. Thanks."

The Word Around Town

Low-key Pudong lunch spot Kafer by the Binjiang One

Couple of quick menu updates; if there are any Pudong financiers reading this (hah!), your favorite lunchtime hangout Kafer by the Binjiang One has a new spring menu and lunch set. It includes surprisingly edible flowers.

We also mentioned the Brew would be making a beer with 300 donuts. We were wrong. 400 donuts. Launch party on April 27 at 6pm, with 1 whole hour of free beer from 6pm. The new Dunkel Donut Dark Wheat Ale is a "malt-flavor forward beer with subtle bready notes and slightly fruity esters." I swear these craft people just make it up.

More beer news! We finally got word back from Hitachino Beer Nest, that spot on Sinan Mansions that we made fun of last time! Their silence has been broken! What pearls of wisdom are they prepared to lay at our feet? "We are planning to open it in July."

Charlie's is having an aggressive 2017 so far. In addition to that Milkshake Bar they keep threatening to open, they've got plans for two new burger joints! One in Super Brand Mall, sometime in July, and another one in the latest F&BS hotspot Fengsheng Li, probably "by the end of 2017."

Also, it's Lovebang's 7th anniversary this Saturday. This is F&B-related because I'm gonna eat that cat. Xu Dongmei, you hear me? I'm coming for you. For your delicious cookies by Strictly Cookies, that is!

And finally, to round us out, a word in from our anonymous man out there on the streets:

More Than Eat, which has got to be the biggest F&B folly in shanghai since... since... i don’t know, david laris opened a chicken restaurant... has brought in a bunch of French guys to add more vendors and “turn it around”. i was in there yesterday.

Bar Centrale, which you guys never cover, has been going gangbusters recently. they do a pizza promotion on mondays. last monday they sold 316 pizzas. out of that one little oven. 316. think about that. that is a crazy amount of pizza."

A crazy amount of pizza indeed. That's it for this week, Shanghai. Check back next week for more unsubstantiated, scandalous F&B gossip.



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  • 2 years ago Changning Chew Unverified User

    Looks like there'll be a few new places opening fairly soon in the wilds of Zhongshan Park. The new Raffles City is taking shape at a quickening pace and the first F&B offerings appear to include Morton's, Paulaner, TGI Fridays and what looks like a Japanese place called Ginkgo. Any news on opening dates for these places?

  • 2 years ago sunsetlover

    Hmmm, overpriced joints for expats and for the Chinese who want to be and look like "expats". Unless of course you get a view like the one from that new champagne lounge on the Bund. But even that is becoming trivial/tiresome after a while. I mean, how many times does one have to pay extra for that Lujiazui skyline view and the brown/yellow river water before one gets tired of it?
    As far as Raffles City, it's evident what CapitaLand had in mind. Go after some of the business generated by the hugely popular Cloud Nine mall. Some of that office space has already been rented and staffed.

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