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[A Bunch of F&BS] Smash! BANG! Taoker!

By Mar 10, 2017 Dining


It's that time again, drinkers and diners. Openings! Closings! Intrigue! Rumors! ... But that's really more next week; this week it's mostly quiet.


Now Open

BANG by mr willis opened up a new spot in Grand Gateway slinging the man's rustic mediterranean go-tos. Pastas, roast chicken (lot of that going 'round these days), pizzas and antipasti. Do you like BANG? You'll probably like this BANG.

Not this BANG. This is the old BANG.

Smash! We mentioned a while ago that SUS2 was shutting down to be rebranded. Well the new SUS2 is Smash. They're describing it as a "place to hang in the afternoon with a coffee... turning into more of a bar and club vibe later on." It's got two floors, downstairs is a dance floor, upstairs is a mezzanine with some couches. They mention wine several times. Organic wine, no less. Also, a record shop with listening booths and vinyl records on sale, hand-picked by the fellows from China Social Club.

Taoker is a two-story shop open on Wuding Lu. Big selection of craft beer on 8 taps, they say, seafood, coffee, juice, etc. Water too, probably. Drink-in or take-out. Also, not an exclamation, which sort of ruins this little conceit I was going with this week.

Here's a good exclamation though; Lannaaaa. Perennial laowai coffee hangout Lanna Coffee has opened up a new spot in the East Ocean Center. Go there for Yunnan coffee.

Now Closed

Auburn's closed. Don't know much about this place. Also, seems like a whole bunch of Guyang Lu has been torn down, too. It seems like the Dr. Beer there's going to be affected and will be shut down.

The Word on the Street

But that's okay, because there's a new Dr. Beer opening up in Xujiahui! Has it been acquired by AB InBev yet?

That reminds me, if you haven't already, read this incredible scree by Carl from Great Leap Brewing up in Beijing and get to arguing viciously in your craft beer WeChat groups about the Boxing Cat takeover. If for some reason you aren't already. Check out Drink Magazine's interview with Kelley Lee and Michael Jordan about the whole thing, too, so you can get both sides of this incredibly significant development.

What else? There's that 50% off closing sale at M&S 50%. There might still be cookies and porridge left. Oh and wine. Lots and lots of wine.

Homeslice's now doing day service! Open every day from 11am onward, so you can have pizza slices for lunch and dinner.

That's it for this week, Shanghai. Check back next week for more scandalous, unsubstantiated F&B gossip.



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