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The Big List: Tons of Suggestions for Your Shanghai Golden Week

What’s wrong with just drinking then? Okay, here’s some more things to do YOUR MAJESTY.
2021-09-30 17:00:00

Roll on with Golden Week 2021! If you find yourself in Shanghai for the holiday, scroll on for a big ole list of things you can do with yourself. Have a good one!


Blow Your Friends Away with Your Laser Tag Skills

Laser tag, pew pew! SmartShanghai recently put together a big list of places that host laser tag. Check that out right here.

The Baffling Jurassic Park Exhibition Is Still On

It’s a head-scratcher. We don’t know why this and why now, but the official Jurassic Park animatronics exhibition is currently showing in Pudong. Great fun for kids, from 6 to… oh say, 46. More info here.

New E-Sports Venues: Planet One and Topgolf

Decent food and drinks are all well and good but these two new venues are offering something a bit extra to get punters in the door. Planet One is a new virtual reality, E-sports venue with wall to ceiling VR games from Netease and official F1 racing simulators. Topgolf is top-notch professional golf (and then some) emulators out in a spacious venue in People’s Square. Both ideal for private games and parties with groups of friend stuck in town. Check out Planet One here and Topgolf here.

All Day Free-Flow Beer at Oriental Springs, Oh Yes

scented pool Shanghai

A hot spring paradise at the end of the subway line, plus: Free. Flow. Beer. A three-floor water resort with 15,000 sqm of hot springs and pools, massage services and rest areas, and activities to keep your kids entertained while you relax. For SmartShanghai readers only, an all-day pass with free-flow selected beer and drinks from 11-midnight is 149rmb. An evening pass with free-flow selected beer and drinks from 4:30pm till midnight is 69rmb. Grip your tickets here.

The New Sam's Club in Pudong Represents the High-Mark of Human Civilization

Newly opened just this week, now you too can experience the culmination of the project of humanity in this, the biggest Sam's Club in the universe.  You could easily spend an afternoon wandering their cavernous hallways, shopping for surfboards, eye exams, and a lifetime supply of blue fin tuna, whilst considering just what form humanity’s decline from this moment will inevitably take. Info here.

Pretend You Like, Know, Can Talk About Art

Art Exhibitions! You like them! Allegedly! Lots of great stuff is on in esoteric and approachable art galleries across town. Oh, look there’s a Tintin exhibition on. That’s something we can even understand.

Hmm, and these look edifying as well: the Joan Miro one; "The Voice of Things" at West Bund Museum; and Marc Chagall at Jiushui Museum.

Whaaat? You've already seen them... Here is some new stuff: masterpieces from Renaissance; George Condo; and, Kung Fu Panda. All art exhibition listings right here.

Get Active: Deals on Dance Lessons and Yoseikan Budo

Hey! Soul Dancing is hosting a dance week, including jazz, ballet, contemporary, and more, with classes 30% on top of a free trial. Workshops are open from October 4 to October 7 all day in their four branches. Details here.

If you're looking for something more intense, Yoseikan Budo is offering a five-day traininig session pairing Yoseikan techniques with cardio drills. Runs from October 3 to October 7. 10am-noon and 4pm-6pm. Tickets from 250rmb (single session). 1000rmb all 5 days. Open to all skills levels, ages 15 and up.

You're Not Going to Get into the New Planetarium. But You Can Try to Get into the New Planetarium

You're not going to get into the new planetarium. But you can try to get into the new Planetarium. Read all about it right here.

Do the Horrifying-Looking Jin Mao Tower Walk

No way in hell are we ever doing this. But you can. Seriously. You can get a rope strapped to you and walk around outside the Jin Mao Tower. God in heaven. Here’s all the details on what this is and how to get tickets. Brrrrr!

Eat in a New Restaurant

Shanghai’s on about a one-to-one ratio of new restaurants to actual people living in the city these days, so there’s a bunch of new stuff out there to try out over the holidays. Also a good time because restos are less crowded during the break. Check out this link right here to have a look where we’ve been eating the last little while. Make sure to call ahead to confirm that they’re open.

Drink. Hit da Club. Drink Some More. Repeat.

Are you alive and breathing in Shanghai? Oh good, go to the nightlife listings on the SmartShanghai homepage.

Basically, every club in Shanghai has a special event on to celebrate the National Day. Want our recommendations?

Call your mother, that’s our damn recommendation.

(Also, this Alter. thing looks like a fine time as well.)

(Also, also, this happy hour deal.)

Take in a Show

The always reliable The Pearl has a slew of tribute concerts and shows on for the holidays. Hardest workin’ dudes in show business over there. We’ve also been to Cirque in Hangzhou and the new ERA. Dazzling, fabulous times at both of those. Check 'em out over the holidays.

Brunch. Every. Damn. Day. For Cheap.

SmartTicket is slinging brunch deals for tons of great places. Get your brunch on for that much cheaper at: Il Ristorante in the Bvlgari (biff!); Hyatt on the Bund (bang!); Oriental Springs (pow!); Park Hyatt (blammo!); and the W Hotel (kaboom!).

Visit a Theme Park


You know about Disney. You might not know about Happy Valley to which we recently went. Not sure if it was enjoyed ironically or genuinely, but the key word there is ENJOYMENT, all the same. Here’s the info on Happy Valley.

Here’s a bonus thing to check out: Shanghai Ocean Aquarium. Like an amusement park for your spirit of wonder!

And don't forget about that god damn Shanghai Film Park for a peek inside the movie screen.

Eat (but Probably Just Drink) in a Revolving Restaurant For Some Reason

Basically, we just want to get more mileage out of the fact that we went to ALL the revolving restaurants in town and took videos. So yes, here is a big list of all the revolving restaurants in town. Results may vary!

Last Chance to Make a Splash

Summer is slipping away fast and the pools around town are going to shutter up for the season.  Here’s are four pools that are still open for the holidays in case you want to get a final swim in: Ambassy Club (open till October 10); Grand Plaza Club House (October 1-3 - closed; open from Ocotber 4); The Portman Ritz Carlton; W Hotel (October 1-3 closed; open from October 4).

Escape the Urban Sprawl: Moganshan and Zhoushan

If you’re looking to get out of the city for a day or two but don’t want to seriously commit to going anywhere too far, hey we’ve got all the info your need on Moganshan right here and Zhoushan beach right here. White sands and beach camping a bus ride away. Need more travel ideas ? Click click.