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Must-See Shows On SmartTicket Right Now

Lion King, Romeo and Juliet, Chicago: The Musical, Mi Carmen ... so many good shows on SmartTicket right now
2024-05-11 12:00:00

New Bund 31 will host this Children’s Day weekend with a Lion King concert, which also marks the 30th anniversary of this beloved animated film. The music will feature award-winning scores by Hanz Zimmer, Elton John and touching lyrics by Tim Rice, as well as Grammy-winning composer Lebo M African vocals and choral arrangements. In the meantime, a giant screen on stage will show the clips from the film. Recommended for kids above 12 years old. There is one show on Friday evening and one show on Sunday afternoon.

Daily until Jun 2

Lady M: the Musical

The new original musical "Lady M" was co-created by young artists James Beeny and Gina Georgio. The performance is in English and is performed by international and Shanghai local performers. Maya Hakoort will lead the cast as Lady Macbeth. Karl Queensborough will join the cast with He Liangchen, Hu Chaozhegn as Macbeth.

Matthew Bourne returns to Shanghai Culture Square from June 12 to 16 with his globally renowned production of "Romeo and Juliet." This marks his fifth return, continuing his legacy of narrative-driven and intricately choreographed ballets. The show is a modern reinterpretation of Shakespeare's drama, exploring the love story between Romeo and Juliet against a backdrop of societal division. By blending modern dance with classical ballet, Bourne's distinctive style—combining explosive narrative and fluid choreography—promises to captivate with its emotional depth and innovative interpretation. Performances are scheduled for multiple dates, with ticket prices ranging from 380 to 680 rmb, at the main theatre of Shanghai Culture Square.

The traditional drum music of Xi’an is also known as the ancient orchestra. Xi’an is the starting point of the ancient Silk Road and one of the motherlands of Chinese civilization. As the capital city of the Tang Dynasty, Xi’an witnessed the cultural prosperity of this famous ancient dynasty. This performance features traditional Xi'an drum music, modern-styled instrumental chorus pieces, and pieces that incorporate electronic music elements. At the same time, the performance also incorporates Tang-style makeup, lighting and stage design to create a dreamlike setting.

From Jun 20 until Jun 23

Chicago: The Musical

The legendary director and choreographer Bob Fosse had the vision for Chicago in 1975 when he obtained the rights from the original book writer Maurine Watkins. He joined forces with the musical team of John Kander and Fred Ebb who had previously written Cabaret, to create the first version of the musical Chicago. It ran for 600 performances until 1979, until it was revived on Broadway in 1996, then a year later in London's West End. The world-famous tale of love, murder and corruption holds the record for the second longest-running show ever to run on Broadway, and will be performed at Shanghai's AIA Grand Theatre between June 20 and 23. Performance is in English with Chinese subtitles. Please note: children under 13 years old are not allowed to enter this show.

In May, favorite star to the world's ballet fans, Svetlana Zakharova will present the Chanel legendary story, which combines ballet, music and fashion, on the stage of Shanghai Grand Theater with her double one-act ballet show, Modanse.

Over the past century, "Carmen" has been interpreted as plays, dramas, operas, modern ballets, contemporary dance dramas, and more. The Flamenco dance drama "Carmen" presents the passion of this gypsy girl in its most authentic form. Performed by Spanish dance group Antonio Gades Dance Company. Over the past 14 years, the dance troupe has performed in the most prestigious theaters in the dance world, including the Royal Theater of Spain, the New York City Center, and other important theaters worldwide.

The Pear's series of family-friendly events returns this Sunday with a special performance of their popular Alice in Wonderland show. The show will be a family friendly version that loosely tells the story of Alice as she goes down the Rabbit hole, finds many bizzare creature and the story unfolds. Along with the live entertainment, Chef Lung will be creating a special brunch menu featuring brunch staples like eggs benedict but also some of his specialties like Montreal smoked meat and poutine! The kitchen will open at 12:00 noon and the show will start at 1 pm. Free entry for kids 5 years old and under.