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[A Bunch of F&Bs]

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[A Bunch of F&BS]: Sus2, India Gate, Arkham, Wahlburger

By Jan 26, 2017 Dining
Whoah, Shanghai, hang on a sec. We know you’re halfway out the door but we've got a final F&B gossip pick-me-up scheduled for today. One for the road? The Giant Red Rooster Year has smiled upon us and kept things fairly quiet except for one or two big-name exits and some more chatter about Found 158 -- wait, come back, we swear it’s good.


Now Open

Seems like a lively couple of weeks for fans of Indian cuisine as India Gate opens up in Pudong. They say they’re the first place in Shanghai to serve Hyderabadi Dum Biriyani.


Leo’s opened a little while back. We haven’t been there to check it out yet but we probably will. It's one that's actually coming in from Hangzhou as apposed to heading the other direction. We'll see how this neighborhood pub does in the big city.

Nat Alexander’s pizza-spot Homeslice opened. I think we’ve mentioned that at least twice already. This isn’t the Found 158 chatter we mentioned.

Sense 8 also opened a new spot in Xintiandi. We mentioned that too, you can read all about it here. What, it’s been a slow week for openings, who’s going to open a new place two days before CNY?

These guys actually. A new Dagu Lu pub called Caxton. They're angling for a February 3 opening date offering beer and a place to watch rugby in. Says Max from Brisbane: "We don't want anything fancier than a place where you can catch a beer and watch the game." Simple pleasures.

Now Closed

Underground (figuratively) live music spot SUS2 has shuttered its doors. There’s apparently one more night left, but when I asked if I could put it on the Closed list, Morgan said "yeah, go for it… anyone who is going to SUS2 has known where that shit is for like 20 years. They don't need the address."

Confirmation from the concerns taking it over is that they’re rebranding that space to something called "Smash". This is the lads behind China Social Club and they say they’ll be "bringing back a stripped back environment, great playlists, DJs, expanded and progressive drinks menu and fun times all around. :)"

Sounds like a few people are angling for that hole in the alternative clubbing scene since the closure of you-know-who.


Speaking of places that closed, Baoism is done. Get your baos at EAST or something instead.

The Outback in SML has closed. There's a few of those around town to pick up the slack.

The Word Around Town

We’ll just get the big thing out of the way: coming from anonymorgan sources, Arkham’s moving into Found 158, adding an intriguing twist to the suspicious, oddly-colored puree in the blender that is that place. Time to invest in that pizza place. Drunk kids going to get up in there. Apparently the whisperings around town are for a June opening date for the new Arkham location. If you want to read more BS about Found 158, check out our comprehensively nosy guide.

Arkham's former digs

In a bit of "ambitious transplant" news, Wahlburgers, by Chef Paul Wahlberg, brother of famous rappers Donnie and Mark "Marky Mark" Wahlberg, has announced that they’ve partnered with Cachet Hospitality Group to expand into Asia in 2017. They plan to open 100 Wahlburgers in China in the next 5 years. First restaurants are going to be opening in Hangzhou, Wuhan and Shanghai. Time will tell is they will be offering a "Funky Brunch" special.

In less weird news, Hatsune’s new spot is opening up in the IAPM mall around March or April. It’s on the 4th floor, right next to Sen-Ryu.

That’s it, Shanghai. Happy Chinese New Year, check back whenever the city comes out of hibernation for more scandalous, unsubstantiated F&B gossip.



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