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All the Covid Tools and Links You Need in Shanghai

Here's a collection of useful links related to Covid in Shanghai.
2022-03-15 12:00:00

Chinese Translations

Covid: 新冠病毒 - xīn guàn bìng dú

Covid Test: 新冠病毒核酸检测 - xīn guàn bìng dú hé suān jiǎn cè

Covid Vaccination: 新冠疫苗 - xīn guàn yì miáo

Quarantine: 隔离 - gé lí

Central Quarantine: 集中隔离 - jí zhōng gé lí

Fever Clinic: 发热门诊 - fā rè mén zhěn

Where to find my health code?

A green health code (随申码; suí shēn mǎ or 健康码; jiànkāng mǎ) is needed to enter all government buildings, hospitals, shopping malls, and airports as well as some office buildings and other miscellaneous venues.

WeChat: Open the 随申办 (suí shēn bàn) miniprogram - then click the QR Code button that says 随申码.

Alipay: In the Alipay app click "健康码". You'll need to enter some personal information one time.

Where to find my travel code?

Some places require a travel code (行程卡; xíngchéng kǎ) in lieu of or in addition to the health code. This code shows your travel history for the last 14 days and will change colors depending on whether you have been in a medium- or low-risk area within this time frame. If your city has medium- or high-risk areas, but you have not been, your travel code color will not change, but an asterisk (*) will appear at the bottom. You can find this code on both WeChat and Alipay. On WeChat you can get your travel code through the 通信行程卡 (tōngxìn xíngchéng kǎ) miniprogram. Simply search for the miniprogram, enter your phone number and the travel code will appear. On Alipay, you can find the travel code in the same place as your health code. Once the health code is visible, directly below it you will see a purple icon with an upward-facing arrow and 行程卡 underneath. Click on this and your travel code will appear.

Where to get Covid tested?

Click here for a list of hospitals that offer the covid test for expats. Here is an option to have someone come to your home or office to take the test. Here's a report on what it's like getting a Covid test in Shanghai.

Where can I buy the Corona Self Test Kit ?

Follow the steps on this page.

How do I get the QR code for the Corona Test?

We have a guide for this right here.

Where to get a same-day Covid test?

Shanghai First People's Hospital offers same-day Covid tests (当天报告; dāng tiān bào gào). A short consultation is required before the test. The pricing is around 25rmb for the doctor and 80rmb for the test -- a total of 105rmb. If you get tested before 2pm, the report will be provided after 6pm the same day.

How do I get my Covid vaccination in Shanghai?

Scan the QR code and follow the instructions on how to get the Covid vaccination in Shanghai in this article.

How do I know what the current restrictions are traveling from and to Shanghai?

Click here or scan the code below, enter the two Chinese cities you want to travel between and it will show you current travel and quarantine restrictions. It's all in Chinese but works well using WeChat's translate function.

Is there a website that's tracking suspected and confirmed cases in Shanghai?

Click here or scan the code below to see current cases by grid in Shanghai

What are the best resources for getting the latest info on Covid in Shanghai?

Stick to official government media. There's tons of English media that copy&paste government news, but they often make things sounds more dramatic and distort facts to get more clicks. Just stick to the source. Shine is part of Shanghai Daily and the best resource in English. Subscribe to their WeChat account to get the most important updates in English (search for Shine) on WeChat.

Our city government also runs a Wechat account that publishes information several times a day. Just use the built in WeChat translation tool for English. Their most important news get updated into English too. Search for 上海发布 on WeChat.

What can I do with my pets while I'm in quarantine?

If your building/compound is in lockdown, then you are with your pets. If you are moved to a central quarantine facility, ask if you are allowed to pass pets out before you are taken to quarantine so you can arrange a pet hotel. Here is a list of pet hotels on SmartShanghai.