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SmartShanghai Is Looking for Freelancers, Contributors, Wordsmiths

Oct 26, 2021 | 09:00 Tue

Can you write good? But we mean really, really write good? Do you know a lot about... restaurants? How about the latest happenings in the F&B scene? Interesting urban developments? Tech? Innovation? Entrepreneurship? Do you know a lot about different things in Shanghai?

SmartShanghai wants to hear from you, read your portfolios and maybe publish your works of lifestyle journalism genius on our site. For the people.

If you're interested, we want to hear from you.  Send us your pitches and clips, and let us know who you are. Thanks!


Editorial Policy: At, all of our editorial content is conceived of by our team who live in and critique this city, for our readers who do the same. We don't accept payment for content, unless clearly labelled. Read our full editorial policy here.