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Hey, This App Lets you Buy & Sell Stuff From & To Your Neighbors

Offloading (or onloading) stuff just got a lot easier...
2022-05-03 14:00:00

Great time for some spring cleaning. Or maybe you've started to pack up your life and are moving on to the next thing? In either canse, this is for you:

SmartShanghai's 'Buy&Sell' section just added a new feature that allows you to find items posted by your neighbors in your own compound -- ideal for the current lockdown situation.

Here's how it works: After you open the app, select your compound by typing in the name in English or Chinese. If you living in a lane-house, type your address instead.

Click 'Confirm' and that's it. Now, you can see all the items offered by your neighbors, and you can contact them directly by private message.

We've also made it much easier to post your own items, through our brand new WeChat MiniProgram. Just click that red 'Plus' button in the bottom-corner.

You can either use your existing SmSh account or create a new one.

Super Special Promo Giveaway:

Also! The first 50 users who post a listing and then share it in their compound's Wechat group get a free SmartShanghai cup valued at 80rmb. Just post a listing through our Buy&Sell MiniProgram, share it in a group and send the screenshot to our WeChat account or to We'll send your SmartShanghai cup free of charge after the lockdown. Which should be... oh, any day now...

Scan this with WeChat to open the MiniProgram: