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  • Ruby's Party

    930 Zhuguang Lu, near Xiewei Lu

    诸光路930号, 近谢卫路

    139 1898 4097
    This holiday goods store has bounced around Shanghai since it opened in 2006, but it's still Ruby running the shop. Packed to the rafters with a well-organized arsenal of...
    Costume Shop
  • Holiday House (Anting)

    No. 101, Gate 4, Lane 355 Beiande Lu, near Anyong Lu

    北安德路355弄4号门101号, 近安勇路

    6447 7189
    After 20 years near Xujiahui, holiday supplies... supplier Holiday House has moved to a full-on two-story house out in Anting. They store everything from party supplies,...
    Costume Shop
    Home Goods & Decor
    Specialty Products
  • Nantai Costume Company

    656 Guangdong Lu, near Guangxi Lu

    广东路656号, 近广西路

    130 0213 4532
    An actual theatrical supplies store for Peking opera troupes. They make the outfits themselves. Full-on outfits are available here, from those fancy headdresses, starting at...
    Costume Shop