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    Sam's Club Flagship Store

    599 Wan'an Jie,
    near Jinjing Lu

    万安街599号, 近金京路

    • Sam's Club Flagship Store Shanghai
    • Sam's Club Flagship Store Shanghai
    • Sam's Club Flagship Store Shanghai
    This largest Sam's Club's latest largest membership store in China to date. It's huge. Spread over 70,000 square meters, you will be in bulk-buying, cost-saving paradise. Rows upon rows of imported products from kitchen cleaning, laundry products,...
    Shopping Malls
    Kids & Family
    Imported Groceries
  • 1000 Trees

    600 Moganshan Lu, near Changhua Lu

    莫干山路600号, 近昌化路

    6327 3535
    A 300,000 square meter shopping complex crossed over with a park. The rooftop of the building is composed of trees, becoming an almost "Hanging Garden of Shanghai". Looking over...
    1000 Trees Shanghai
    Department Stores
    F&B Hubs
  • IAPM

    999 Huaihai Zhong Lu, near Shaanxi Nan Lu

    淮海中路999号, 近陕西南路

    3326 6700
    IAPM Shanghai
    Shopping Malls
  • Qiantan Taikoo Li

    500 Dongyu Lu, near Yangsi Xi Lu

    东育路500弄, 近杨思西路

    182 1759 8500
    An open-air shopping complex located in the emerging Qiantan area, which hosts a massive array of domestic and foreign brands, ranging from local restaurant success stories to...
    Qiantan Taikoo Li Shanghai
    Shopping Malls
  • The Hub

    688 Shenchang Lu, near Shenhong Lu

    申长路688号, 近申虹路

    6296 2828
    As a part of the Xintiandi Corp, The Hub is a 62,000 sqm shopping complex located in Minhang. About a five-minute walk from Hongqiao railway station. It's comprised of two major...
    The Hub Shanghai
    Department Stores
    Shopping Malls
  • The Roof

    458 Madang Lu, near Jianguo Dong Lu

    马当路458弄, 近建国东路

    6301 0086
    The big red building on Madang Lu to the south of Xintiandi. This planted-covered bit of architecture is a mixed-use space for office, retail and food. It's home to a few new...
    The Roof Shanghai
    Shopping Malls
    F&B Hubs
  • Century Link

    1192 Shiji Dadao, near Weifang Lu

    世纪大道1192号, 近潍坊路

    6859 8881
    Located in Lujiazui above Century Avenue Station, Century Link was designed by the renowned architectural firm SOM and has a range of shopping, entertainment, and dining options.
    Century Link Shanghai
    Shopping Malls
  • LaLaport

    738 Xin Jinqiao Lu, near Jinke Lu

    新金桥路738号, 近金科路

    Shopping Malls
  • The Place

    100 Zunyi Lu, near Ziyun Lu

    遵义路100号, 近紫云路

    A mall dedicated to kids and family, the foyer level has regular theme events from famous kids cartoon shows, the 3rd floor has a host of kids activities and playgrounds form...
    Shopping Malls
  • Global Harbor

    3300 Zhongshan Bei Lu, near Jinshajiang Lu

    中山北路3300号, 近金沙江路

    5108 0888
    Shanghai's biggest mall, Global Harbor is a palatial complex that houses just about everything you could want, including a VR theme park.
    Global Harbor Shanghai
    Shopping Malls
  • Pudong Kerry Center

    1378 Huamu Lu, near Fangdian Lu

    花木路1378号, 近芳甸路

    This 45,000sqm shopping center is packed with F&B venues, a high-end supermarket and international retailers including H&M, GAP, Muji, Mothercare and World Health Store. Kerry...
    Pudong Kerry Center Shanghai
    Shopping Malls
  • Florentia Village

    58 Zhuoyao Lu, near Huazhou Lu

    卓耀路58弄, 近华州路

    2099 5000
    Like a mini-Florence plonked down in the vicinity of Pudong Airport, Florentia Village is a compound/shopping mall that's part shopping center for designer brands, part F&B...
    Florentia Village Shanghai
    Shopping Malls
  • HKRI Taikoo Hui

    789 Nanjing Xi Lu, near Shimen Yi Lu

    南京西路789号, 近石门一路

    Located on Nanjing Xi Lu in Jing'an, HKRI is one of the main high-end shopping malls in Shanghai. Swire Properties and Taikoo have spent a few years building this massive...
    HKRI Taikoo Hui Shanghai
    Shopping Malls
    Office Buildings
    Jing'an District
  • MixC

    1799 Wuzhong Lu, near Baizhang Lu

    吴中路1799号, 近白樟路

    Shopping Malls
  • Reel Mall

    1601 Nanjing Xi Lu, near Changde Lu

    南京西路1601号B楼, 近常德路

    Reel Mall Shanghai
    Shopping Malls
    Arts & Crafts