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  • Alter

    • Address
      Xintiandi Style, 1/F, 245 Madang Lu, near Zizhong Lu
      马当路245号1楼, 近自忠路
    • Phone
      6302 9889

    Alter, short for "alternative," aims to bring high-end brands that are typically overlooked in the Chinese luxury market. Instead of Chanel or Fendi, the shop carries the likes of Robert Rodriguez, Helmut Lang, House of Harlow, Superfine and Victoria Beckham.... Read more

  • Madame Mao's Dowry

    • Address
      207 Fumin Lu, near Julu Lu
      富民路207号, 近巨鹿路
    • Phone
      5403 3551

    Known for unique retro images and modern paraphernalia of China with an artistic twist, this boutique has recently expanded to include more apparel - namely TopShop items straight from the UK. They still great jewelry, and unique designed apparel in the back room, as... Read more

  • Muji (Flagship Store)

    • Address
      755 Huaihai Zhong Lu, near Ruijin Lu
      淮海中路755号, 近瑞金路
    • Phone

    Read more

  • Kate Wood

    • Address
      336-338 Wulumuqi Zhong Lu, near Fuxing Xi Lu
      乌鲁木齐中路336-338号, 近复兴西路
    • Phone
      3469 1368

    Multi-brand lifestyle boutique opened by Dutch-owned designer brand Kate Wood. They mainly sell handmade bamboo bikes and wooden watches and sunglasses, but they also stock clothing and bags made by local designers. Read more

  • Cosmos Vintage

    • Address
      No. 36, Lane 913 Yan'An Zhong Lu, near Tongren Lu
      延安中路913弄36号, 近铜仁路
    • Phone

    A new addition to the vintage-shopping scene, this little shop just opened in May 2020. Lots of floral patterns and silky fabrics, which says a lot about the owner’s sweet and gentle disposition. The shop carries both men’s and women’s apparel from the 80s and 90s... Read more

  • Shang Xia

    • Address
      233 Huaihai Zhong Lu, near Huangpi Nan Lu
      淮海中路233号, 近黄陂南路
    • Phone
      8017 9777

    This is an exquisite boutique selling women's fashion and homeware, from porcelain to furniture. Everything is made to the highest standards according to traditional Chinese craftsmanship. The brand is backed by Hermes — its founder is Shanghainese but worked for... Read more

  • Lolo Love Vintage

    • Address
      2 Yongfu Lu, near Wuyuan Lu
      永福路2号, 近五原路
    • Phone
      6433 9987

    This secluded, almost mystical-looking yard hides behind a tiny blue gate on Yongfu Lu. A rare gem in the city with a room full of collections: beautifully aged, and exceptionally rare. They collect from as early as 1920s all the way up to the 80s. Every piece... Read more

  • Suitsupply (Anfu Lu)

    • Address
      169 Anfu Lu, near Wulumuqi Lu
      安福路169号 近乌鲁木齐路
    • Phone
      5418 2021

    This is the second Shanghai branch of the award-winning Amsterdam-based Men's fashion company. Suits are made using Italian fabrics and traditional methods of craftsmanship. This branch also features an in-store tailor for any alteration needs. Read more

  • Mian Vintage Shop

    • Address
      No. 57, Lane 1280 Yuyuan Lu, near Anxi Lu
      愚园路1280弄57号, 近安西路
    • Phone
      158 0074 7781

    A friendly and affordable neighborhood shop. Excellent for your daily wardrobe. The room is small but filled with good stuff. Except for dresses and skirts, the majority of their clothes are unisex, especially the shirt collection - super cute and unique shirts that... Read more

  • Nike Kicks Lounge

    • Address
      Suite 427, 4/F, 999 Huaihai Zhong Lu, near Shanxi Nan Lu
      环贸广场, 淮海中路999号4楼427室, 近陕西南路
    • Phone
      6100 3208

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  • Annata Vintage

    • Address
      No. 24, Lane 18 Gao'An Lu, near Kangping Lu
      高安路18弄24号甲, 近康平路
    • Phone
      136 3641 8880

    Annata Vintage takes its name from the Italian word for "time." It has been open for nearly eight years, first on Jianguo Xi Lu and now in a lane house with a garden on Gao'an Lu. They carry an imported selection of vintage clothing and accessories from the 30s to... Read more

  • bTbT Showroom

    • Address
      Bldg 5, 310 Wulumuqi Lu, near Fuxing Lu
      乌鲁木齐路310号5号楼, 近复兴路
    • Phone
      137 0168 8224

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  • Lysaxu Vintage

    • Address
      66 Nanchang Lu, near Yandang Lu
      南昌路66号, 近雁荡路
    • Phone
      180 1775 3773

    For almost 8 years this little shop has moved from one place to another. The owner Lysa has settled on the corner of Nanchang Lu and Yandang Lu. The store carries women’s dresses and blouses, mostly dating from the 50s to the 80s. Feminine, casual, and affordable.... Read more

  • Dot Collection Vintage

    • Address
      No. 12, Lane 1462 Fuxing Zhong Lu, near Huaihai Zhong Lu
      复兴中路1462弄12号, 近淮海中路
    • Phone
      135 2464 8292

    Pricy, extravagant. This is the place to go if you’re looking for mid- to high-end stuff. Expect to spend a stack of red ones on a sleek Yves Saint Laurent suit dress from the 80s, or a Ferragamo jacket that is no longer available on the market. Also on sale are... Read more

  • Pawnstar

    • Address
      No. 1, Lane 34 Xiangyang Bei Lu, near Changle Lu
      襄阳北路34弄1号, 近长乐路
    • Phone
      156 1833 1415

    A renovated row house turned consignment shop with multiple floors of second hand goods all curated in a funky artsy way. You’ll find designer names on the first floor (Jimmy Choo, Vivienne Westwood, Marc Jacobs) with dresses and shoes around 1,500rmb for the big... Read more

  • Silly Nanny Vintage Antiques

    • Address
      3/F, Bldg 3, Lane 1173 Nanjing Xi Lu, near Shaanxi Bei Lu
      南京西路1173弄3号, 近陕西北路
    • Phone
      138 1691 7517

    Independently run vintage boutique, with bits and pieces bought back from overseas, like fashion, shoes, handbags, jewelry, accessories, art books and contemporary paintings. Read more

  • Juice

    • Address
      832 Julu Lu, near Changshu Lu
      巨鹿路832号, 近常熟路
    • Phone
      3308 0888

    Five-story multi-brand shop on Julu Lu opened by Edison Chen in 2009 after the original in Hong Kong. It's still worth a visit or return as the collection seems to change often. Chen and his brand CLOT have been pushing streetwear culture in Shanghai for a long, long... Read more

  • Small Wonderful World

    • Address
      No. 5, Lane 588 Julu Lu, near Xiangyang Bei Lu
      巨鹿路588弄5号, 近襄阳北路
    • Phone
      130 0213 1369

    "Eccentric" and "colorful" are two words that spring to mind. Most of their stuff is from Japan, dated between the 80s to 90s. Dazzling neon colors, big bright flower prints, puffy Cinderella dresses and playful Hawaiian shirts. Definitely not "old" old, but the... Read more

  • Jojo In The Box

    • Address
      2/F, 149 Jianguo Zhong Lu, near Ruijin Er Lu
      建国中路149号2楼, 近瑞金二路
    • Phone
      158 2100 8746

    Cozy, elegant, and brimming with that aura of authenticity. It’s one of the best vintage shops in the city. The owner Jojo spent many years in fashion retail before she opened this shop. She put her heart into it. MThe selection here are good for everyday occasions,... Read more

  • Aloooooha Vintage

    • Address
      1/F, 18 Lujiabang Lu, near Waima Lu
      陆家浜路18号1楼, 近外马路
    • Phone
      138 1882 2845

    Aloha with five Os. This one is for serious collectors and fashionistas. Located inside a warehouse office park under the Nanpu Bridge, this shop has been around for 10 years. They focus on vintage, second-hand luxury brand handbags, as well as high-fashion clothing.... Read more