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  • Shanghai Foreign Language Book Store (Fuzhou Lu)

    390 Fuzhou Lu, near Shanxi Nan Lu

    福州路390号, 近山西南路

    2320 4994
    The no-nonsense Foreign Language Book Store is the closest thing you'll find to whatever mega bookstore you know from your home country. The entire building is dedicated to...
    Shanghai Foreign Language Book Store (Fuzhou Lu) Shanghai
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  • Duoyun Bookstore (Shanghai Tower)

    52/F, 501 Yincheng Zhong Lu, near Huayuan Shiqiao Lu

    银城中路501号52楼, 近花园石桥路

    157 2155 6283
    Duoyun belongs to a gigantic Chinese publishing group which also owns several other bookstores in the city, including Sinan Books, but this flagship store is the most gorgeous....
    Duoyun Bookstore (Shanghai Tower) Shanghai
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  • Shanghai Book City (Fuzhou Lu)

    465 Fuzhou Lu, near Fujian Zhong Lu

    福州路465号, 近福建中路

    6391 4848
    Seven floors of print, that's what this place is. Arguably Shanghai's biggest bookstore with mostly Chinese titles, its got a decent selection of English-language books and an...
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  • Garden Books (Changle Lu)

    325 Changle Lu, near Shaanxi Nan Lu

    长乐路325号, 近陕西南路

    5404 8728
    Garden Books offers the widest selection of English-language books and literature in Shanghai. You will also find a large selection of American magazine, tour books, language...
    Garden Books (Changle Lu) Shanghai
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  • Disney Store (Pudong)

    180 Fenghe Lu, near Lujiazui Xi Lu

    丰和路180号, 近陆家嘴西路

    6333 3660
    Located on Fenghe Lu in Pudong, this is said to be the largest Disney Store worldwide. In the shops are all type of merchandise from Disney, including themed toys, stationeries,...
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  • Xinhua Bookstore (Pearl Art Museum)

    7/F, 1588 Wuzhong Lu, near Baizhang Lu

    吴中路1588号7楼, 近白樟路

    6113 5968
    The nicest-looking Xinhua bookstore there is, attached to the Pearl Art Museum out in Minhang. It was designed by Japanese architect Tado Ando. The shop is airy, unlike many...
    Xinhua Bookstore (Pearl Art Museum) Shanghai
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  • Sinan Books (Gaolan Lu)

    16 Gaolan Lu, near Sinan Lu

    皋兰路16号, 近思南路

    138 1619 4657
    This is the famous poetry-themed bookstore inside the 85-year-old St. Nicolas Orthodox Church. Its main hall is sleek and modern but doesn’t detract from the lofty beauty of the...
    Sinan Books (Gaolan Lu) Shanghai
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  • Zhong Shu Ge (Longhua Zhong Lu)

    1/F, 759 Longhua Zhong Lu, near Kaibin Lu

    龙华中路759号1楼, 近凯滨路

    5435 6786
    Zhong Shu Ge is a chain known for big-size bookstores and their interior design. Its Jing’An store inside Reel Mall has long been a popular spot among Chinese readers. This new...
    Zhong Shu Ge (Longhua Zhong Lu) Shanghai
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  • Shanghai Book Traders Used Books

    36 Shanxi Lu, near Fuzhou Lu

    山西路36号, 近福州路

    6360 7713
    Two blocks away from the mega bookstores sits this small shop that buys and resells old books at excellent prices. It looks pretty rundown from the outside, and the people...
    Shanghai Book Traders Used Books Shanghai
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  • ZiWU

    Bldg 1, 10 Jianguo Zhong Lu, near Chongqing Nan Lu

    建国中路10号1号楼, 近重庆南路

    6335 3676
    ZiWU’s art books reach up the ceiling of its three-floor loft. More than a bookstore — kind of a mixed-use space for art and photography — the shop also carries vinyl records...
    ZiWU Shanghai
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  • Guang Hai Bookstore

    No.1 Department Store, 8/F, 830 Nanjing Dong Lu, near Xizang Zhong Lu

    南京东路830号第一百货8楼, 近西藏中路

    6330 7552
    An artsy bookstore with a sizeable collection of vinyl records. Mostly classical: Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, Brahms and Chopin, going for 100-200rmb+, and an intriguing selection...
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  • Tsutaya Books (Columbia Circle)

    Bldg. 7, Columbia Circle, 1262 Yan'an Xi Lu, near Panyu Lu

    上生新所7栋, 延安西路1262号, 近番禺路

    6019 3126
    Tsutaya is the biggest chain bookstore in Japan. This will be their first China outpost when they open. ETA December 2020.
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  • Pearl Art Museum

    8/F, Aegean Place, 1588 Wuzhong Lu, near Baizhang Lu

    吴中路1588号8楼, 近白樟路

    Self-taught architect Tadao Ando’s 2017 project in Shanghai, it’s on the eighth floor of a gigantic shopping mall built above Line 10. “Egg” and “light” are two inspirations...
    Pearl Art Museum Shanghai
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  • Nice To Meet You (Fuxing Zhong Lu)

    1/F, 1331 Fuxing Zhong Lu, near Fenyang Lu

    复兴中路1331号1楼, 近汾阳路

    159 2166 3585
    Stylish, cozy and super relaxing. This is the second bookstore of a chain named Nice To Meet You that is affiliated with Xingfu Li, the real estate development Panyu Lu. The...
    Nice To Meet You (Fuxing Zhong Lu) Shanghai
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  • Muji (Flagship Store)

    755 Huaihai Zhong Lu, near Ruijin Lu

    淮海中路755号, 近瑞金路

    Muji (Flagship Store) Shanghai
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