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    400 776 0776
    • Epermarket Shanghai
    • Epermarket Shanghai
    • Epermarket Shanghai offers a wide variety of imported products from all over the world. The selection ranges from fresh meats and vegetables,beverages, breakfast cereals and snacks, pastas and Halal products from all over the world. They also have a...
    Imported Groceries
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    Grocery Delivery
  • Antique Garden

    44 Sinan Lu, near Xiangshan Lu

    思南路44号, 近香山路

    5382 1055
    Antique shop come cafe, or cafe come antique store, either way it's a pretty cool joint to sip a cuppa with mates.
    Furniture Shops
  • Green Common (Raffles City Changning)

    Suite 49, 1/F, 1139 Changning Lu, near Zhongshan Bei Lu

    来福士广场东区1层49号, 长宁路1139号, 近中山北路

    6233 3696
    A vegetarian and vegan-friendly restaurant that utilizes meat substitutes within their dishes. The dishes at the restaurant would include OmniPork patties, Luncheon meat, Beyond...
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    Specialty Products
    Vegetarian & Vegan
  • Avocado Lady

    274 Wulumuqi Lu, near Wuyuan Lu

    乌鲁木齐路274号, 近五原路

    6432 7381
    The Avocado Lady is not an urban myth, but to many expats is one of Shanghai's urban legends. Her store is ever gaining in size and produce, what she doesn't have she can order....
    Avocado Lady Shanghai
  • C!ty'super (IAPM)

    B1/F, IAPM, 999 Huaihai Zhong Lu, near Shaanxi Nan Lu

    淮海中路999号B1楼, 近陕西南路

    5466 1588
    High-end supermarket from Hong Kong that sells a lot of premium goods, fresh fish and seafood, fresh meat, imported fruit and packaged foods. You'll pay through the nose, but...
    C!ty'super (IAPM) Shanghai
    Imported Groceries
    Specialty Products
  • Vapor Worldwide (Changle Lu)

    421 Changle Lu, near Xiangyang Bei Lu

    长乐路421号, 近襄阳北路

    Vapor/e-cigarette shop run by an American-Chinese couple. They import all their juices from the US, with prices starting at 90rmb per 30ml bottle. Lots of flavors to choose from...
    Vapor Worldwide (Changle Lu) Shanghai
    Online Shopping
    Specialty Products
  • Madame Mao's Dowry

    207 Fumin Lu, near Julu Lu

    富民路207号, 近巨鹿路

    5403 3551
    Known for unique retro images and modern paraphernalia of China with an artistic twist, this boutique has recently expanded to include more apparel - namely TopShop items...
    Boutique Shops
    Fashion Boutiques
    Jing'an District
  • Shanghai Vape (Jing'an)

    549-3 Shaanxi Bei Lu, near Xinzha Lu

    陕西北路549-3号, 近新闸路

    5208 0003
    The store is stacked with shelves and glass counters of e-liquids and e-cigs. The liquids are all imports from the US, New Zealand, and the UK. You can walk in and try just...
    Shanghai Vape (Jing'an) Shanghai
    Boutique Shops
    Electronics & Appliances
    Jing'an District
  • Baimi Hobby Mall

    248 Guangxi Bei Lu, near Fuzhou Lu

    广西北路248号百米香榭, 近福州路

    Cool, rundown mall in the city center, specializing in video games, anime dolls, DJ equipment, board game cafés, Magic cards, virtual reality, manicures, phones, tennis rackets,...
    Electronics & Appliances
    Sex Toys
    Shopping Malls
  • Freshmart

    B/F, 1618 Nanjing Xi Lu, near Huashan Lu

    南京西路1618号B楼, 近华山路

    3217 4838
    Supermarket specialising in imported Japanese groceries
    Freshmart Shanghai
    Imported Groceries
    Specialty Products
    Jing'an District
  • Ankyra Home

    Room 5, 10/F, 500 Xiangyang Nan Lu, near Jianguo Xi Lu

    襄阳南路500号10楼5室, 近建国西路

    139 1763 5574
    Ankyra Home recreates the Turkish bazaar experience by offering foods, home decor (lamps, ceramics, textiles and furnishings) and other collectibles that are mostly imported...
    Specialty Products
    Imported Groceries
  • Mio Espresso Illy Caffe

    Room 1503, 222 Caoxi Lu, near Caodong San Lu

    漕溪路222号1503室, 近漕东三路

    6121 2021
    This place sells espresso machines, but that type of espresso machine where you insert a little pill of coffee and the machine takes care of everything else. MIO have Illy...
    Specialty Products
  • oh my goodness

    Delivery only

    139 1876 6874
    oh my goodness is an organic cupcakery that does a wide of rich, cake favorites -- Red Velvet, Cookies & Cream, Vanilla, etc. -- with wholly organic ingredients. Bagels and...
    Specialty Products
  • Wishu Tampons

    Rm 204, Bldg 2, 731 Wanhangdu Lu, near Wuding Xi Lu

    万航渡路731弄2号楼204号, 近武定西路

    6249 6980
    Applicator tampon company based in China, that uses non-toxic ingredients and no perfume. They currently carry feminine wipes, and tampons with compact plastic applicators in...
    Specialty Products
    Jing'an District
  • Studio No. 5

    169 Jiashan Lu, near Jianguo Lu

    嘉善路169号, 近建国路

    Studio No. 5 is a collective workspace shared by mostly creatively-inclined companies, including Amelia's Jams, fashion brand Finch, OMG Cupcakes and ecoBibi. Since it's a co-op...
    Specialty Products
    Boutique Shops