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Pet Supplies & Food

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    Bauer's Pet Cuisine

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    • Bauer's Pet Cuisine Shanghai
    Bauer’s Pet Cuisine is a German and Chinese-owned online Pet-Store specializing in imported dog and cat supplies for pets that don’t eat food — they eat “cuisine”. They stock a range of pet cuisines that you won’t find anywhere else: dry and wet...
    Pet Supplies & Food
  • Paws Nation

    1/F, 300 Qianjiatan Lu, near Yaolong Lu

    钱家滩路300号1层, 近耀龙路

    6892 3005
    A posh pet palace with grooming, retail, and pet hotel. Owned by Lori Shen and Leonie Zhang, they sell their own Pets Nation branded accessories designed by Shen.
    Paws Nation Shanghai
    Pet Grooming
    Pet Hotel

    2/F, No. 56-57, 166 Fangzhu Lu , near Moli Lu

    方竹路166弄56-57号二层, 近茉莉路

    132 6293 9690
    The PETKIT brand started in 2013 and has more than 100 pet shops in Shanghai. Now the biggest store, measuring 300sqm over two floors, is next to DiShui Lake. .The first floor...
    Pet Grooming
  • Cou Cou

    2/F, 609 Chengdu Bei Lu, near Beijing Xi Lu

    成都北路609号二楼, 近北京西路

    5283 1197
    Pet store specialising in doggy apparel, hi-end food and salon for your best friend.
    Pet Supplies & Food