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Fitness News: Brazilian Dance-Fighting, Free Physical Therapy, and More

By Nov 14, 2018 Health & Wellbeing
A new branch of Capoeira Mandinga opens in People's Square, doling out free trials for anyone interested in the fine art of dance-fighting. This weekend, UP Clinic offers free recovery treatment to marathon runners, V Spot's hosting a burlesque class, and nakedHub has free workouts


Upcoming Events

In this class, you'll learn the basics of burlesque while getting in touch with your sensual side. It's all about sexy fun, confidence and body positivity. 450rmb.

AmBADASSador has their next body positive workshop on the books at V Spot, the woman's sex shop. It will be a 2.5 hour burlesque class, where you'll learn the basics and "get in touch with your sensual side." Rawr.

During this event, we will organize several workshops where experts will discuss the effects and practical steps that we can use for better health and wealth. Free.

Organized by WeHealth, here's a Sunday afternoon of free workshops and workouts, from 11am-2pm. Workshops on nutrition and financial planning, and one free HIIT class. Spots are limited.


New Gyms and What They're Offering...

Capoeira Mandinga

No. 1 Department Store, 2/F, Area C, 830 Nanjing Dong ... View ListingTaxi Printout

A new studio from Capoeira Mandinga just opened in People's Square. Beginners can try the Afro-Brazilian art of Capoeira, a sport that's a combination of martial arts, dance, and acrobatics. Set to live music, the class involves learning the basic steps then performing a "game" which is more dance than fighting. But not to be confused with break-dance fighting. First trial is free, after that a drop-in is 150rmb. They sell bundles starting at eight classes for 1,104rmb. Classes are on Monday and Wednesday nights from 8.30-9.30pm.


News from the Ground

UP Clinic on Dagu Lu is offering free recovery treatments to anyone who participated in the Shanghai Marathon from November 18-30. Space is limited; book in advance. For non marathon runners, they're offering BOGO treatments. Read more about what UP Clinic offers.

If you missed it, 11/11 brought health & wellness discounts and some are running until the end of the month. Details here.



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