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Jackie's Beer Nest Saved from the Chop
By Feb 26, 2013 Nightlife


News reaches us that despite rumors of its imminent demise, this tiny little beer cave in Laoximen will not be closing after all. Owner Jackie has sorted things out with his landlord, who was hell-bent on turning the space into a noodle shop. So, panic over, the Beernest will remain.

Jackie's has been selling about 100 imported Belgian beers and other hard-to-find brews out of a miniscule bar south of Xintiandi for years. It's just three tables and fridges stocked with amazing beer. The owner Jackie is always on hand to talk guests through what they've got in stock. They now have a selection of cheese and cold cuts to munch on, too.

The street its on is crammed with noodle shops. It's one of those places cab drivers go to eat. It seemed like Jackie's landlord wanted to get in on that noodle action and told him originally he'd have to be out by the end of March. Anyway, all good now. Fans of beer, if you've never been, it's a really chilled place to spend a Friday or Saturday night. See the full listing here, because it's sort of out of the way and hard to find the first time you go. That said, its regulars love it, and at the weekends it's usually turning people away. They have their own site, too, where you can hook up with other fans and regulars.


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  • terjia

    Jackie is one of the coolest cats in SH. Good news.

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