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'Rumors': The Lineup for September's Concrete & Grass Festival is ON A NEW LEVEL

By Aug 10, 2016 Nightlife


More rumors than Stevie Nicks... these are the names that have been flying around town associated with the Split Works' upcoming music festival in September, all compiled into a handy dandy list with links. Are these artists super duper confirmed? So close... so close. But yeah, things change, even after they get "confirmed" so just GO YOUR OWN WAY with this information.

The Background: First they were called Black Rabbit, back in 2011. Then they changed the name to [redacted] for 2015. Now, Split Works' big fall music festival is called Concrete & Grass, happening (allegedly) September 16 and 17 on a nice, soft field in Pudong.

And if these *RUMORS* are correct, then they've got the most well-rounded, impressive lineup of any festival this year.

Would you like to know more?


Okay, so here's fifteen of the acts they've booked. SmartTicket will have tickets for this one real soon, probably by the end of the week, so hang tight.

1. Nelly: Legacy American hip hop from the '90s. Huge following in China. Your ayi probably knows "It's getting hot in here..." He's playing with a full band. MUST BE THE MONEY.

2. Edison Chen: Fallen movie star (sex scandal!) and corny rapper who will pull a lot of people to the fest. Check the VICE documentary if you haven't yet.

3. Sekai no Owari a.k.a. End of The World: One of Japan's biggest bands at the moment. Kind of a EDM x rock crossover. Check the video.

4. Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks: Former frontman of seminal '90s band Pavement. Big one for the indie kids. Morgan's stoked.

5. HEALTH: Such a good band, especially live. Heavy, noise rock band with electronic influences. Fans of Crystal Castles will dig. They like capital letters. Just listen to their whole album.

6. A$AP Ferg: Arguably bigger than A$AP Rocky at this point, the NYC rapper (pictured up top) is still riding high on one of 2016's best singles, "New Level", a so-so album, and classic singles like "Work", "Shaba Ranks", and "Hood Pope". Super hype performer as well.

7. DJ Premier: Your favorite old-school East Coast hip hop? Premier produced at least half of it. Gang Starr, Big L, M.O.P., Nas, Biggie, Jay-Z, Busta Rhymes -- Primo made beats for all of 'em. Legend, making his return to Shanghai.

8. The Go! Team: Early 2000s freakout cheerleading squad that made a classic album about ten years ago. Remember that one??

9. Peezy & Bloodz Boi: Two of Beijing's most exciting young rappers. Peep the recent track they did together.

10. Birdstriking: Just a really rad Beijing rock band (and nice people). Check out their new album on Bandcamp, released just a few months back.

11. DJ Craze: One of the dopest true DJs in the game. Residences in Vegas while keeping it real. Well, pretty trap these days, but undeniable skills. Check the skills.

12. Machinedrum: Prolific producer of footwork, juke, drum and bass, and hip hop beats for rappers. Really looking forward to that. Peep a recent mix.

13. Miyavi: Just some insane, Japanese visual kei rock. Next level slap guitar skills Lot of fans here. He was also in that movie, Unbroken. Here's an old video. (Our editor Rhiannon is a massive fan).

14. Wang Wen: Huge post-rock band from Dalian. They always pack Mao Livehouse when they come to town.

15. The Cribs: It's 2007 and you're reading Pitchfork. UK indie pop from the aughts.


Impressive all around. Split Works have been grinding on this since 2015 -- major respect and props to their squad.

There are other names, like Brenmar, Ben UFO, Zuriaake, Jason Hou, and more, More, MORE. Something for everyone. Full line-up to be released soon. So soon.

When the rain washes you clean... you'll know, you'll know.

[And if anyone asks, well, we just made all this up.]

Stay tuned!



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  • 3 years ago Pinball Lizard

    Thanks friends. You got it all right! Amazing. Appreciate the support - need all we can get when the powers make it almost impossible to make shit happen....

  • 3 years ago Throwarm

    Last year I paid tickets to watch Blackstar at Echo Park (the same promoter as Concrete and Grass) and it was never officially announced that Mos Def wouldn't show up. Understandable if it wasn't a headline act, but Blackstar was their biggest name on the lineup. This was even when the promoter knew a day earlier he wasn't going to make it. Also heard there was a backlash this year when they released "Early Bird Tickets" and then proceeded to make the next allotment of "Presale Tickets" cheaper. Cheating music lovers left, right and centre. Smartshanghai should really be reporting this instead of maybe line ups.

  • 3 years ago Pinball Lizard

    Thanks for your comment @Throwarm. I need to clarify a couple of things

    1/ We were told by Mos Def's manager that he "probably" got on the last plane out of Paris on the Saturday night (before his performance). We had spent over a month getting his performance visa sorted, actually getting a friend of ours in Paris to go to his place there, pick up his passport, take it to the embassy and return it to him in time. It took over a week for his manager to actually find out where he was staying in Paris - that's how disorganized they all were.

    He then "didn't get on" the business class flight that we'd booked him out of Paris at 5pm on Saturday 19th September. We paid another €4,000 to get him on the 11pm out of Paris, which would get him into Shanghai at 5pm on the Sunday, 2 hours before his set. I stayed up until 4am on the night of the festival (having not slept much over the previous few days) talking with his manager, booking new flights at extra expense (the first flight was non-refundable because we didn't tell them before the flight left that he was a no-show) and trying to make sure he got on the plane. We sent someone to the airport in Shanghai at 5pm, hoping that he would be there. Said person waited there for over 2 hours. Around 7pm, we realized that he wasn't gonna show.

    I stood on the stage and personally apologized to everyone there for the mess, but we'd done everything in our powers to make it happen. Thankfully Talib stepped up and played an awesome set for over 90 minutes and everyone had a great time. Nobody (not one single person) asked us for a refund.

    We offered 59 artists plus countless other activities for 300RMB for a 4 stage, 2 day festival. We feel we offered pretty decent value, even without Mos Def.

    3 days before the festival, Mos Def's manager told us we had to pay 100% of the fee up front, or else he wouldn't get on the plane. He is now in prison in South Africa. We will never see that money again. Our fault, but we really tried.

    2/ The "backlash" for tickets was about the upcoming Echo Festival, a first year festival that forced us to give up our Echo Park name in May (hence the Concrete & Grass change). They did indeed sell presale tickets cheaper than early bird tickets and got pilloried for it (deservedly). They have NOTHING to do with us.

    Our early bird ticket last year was 200RMB for 2 days. Our presale was 300RMB for 2 days, or 200RMB a day. This year, you can see all our ticketing info at

    We don't believe you will find better value for a festival anywhere on the planet. This year, we have 61 bands on 4 stages for around US$50. A similar festival in the US would cost you 4-8x as much. We subsidize it heavily, we are currently all working on it for free (hopefully in the coming years we will make that back) and we try to make it the best weekend you will ever have. Thanks for your support.

  • 3 years ago Heatpuppies Unverified User

    hope they bring some electronic music acts (NOT DUTCH HOUSE/BIG ROOM)for more diversity. Anyway still solid right now. Really loved Black rabbit fest for the record but totally missed out on echo park.

  • 3 years ago Detroitshowtyme Unverified User

    @pinballwizard Way to stand up for yourself, folks have no idea how epic this is, how hard it is and clearly how thankless. I've been in this town 20 million years, do you know how boring it would be withou y'all. You deserve a Medal of Honor. Ya'll still play the Iron Mic cheap as hell. But it's all good, we're happy to support. Plus I'm in Kanye mode this year. @throwarm you're a real hater, just say one thing nice about the festival so I don't have to get gully on you in person. Cause I will run up on you and give you a care bear hug. Spread love y'all the town and world needs it!

  • 3 years ago CharlieD

    this festival is going to be amaze-balls.
    looking forward to two days of concrete & grass.

  • 3 years ago phreaktion

    I have the biggest respect for Split Works. Every one on the team has immense love and passion for what they do. Big up yourselves!!

  • 3 years ago Pinball Lizard

    Thanks so much for all the support and nice words everyone! Really close to an official announce :-)

  • 3 years ago hiphopisdying Unverified User

    Should try to bring in more of the old hiphop acts (Preferably the 90s stuff, the golden era). That would bring in a huge amount of people if you ask me.

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