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A Bunch of F&Bs: Beijing Comes to Shanghai with Mosto and Zhaodai

Your somewhat regular roundup of stuff going on in Shanghai’s F&B scene.
2022-02-22 12:00:00

A flurry of unconnected activity out there in the world this week. Let’s just dig in, eh!

New Openings: Mosto and More

No-pressure cafe and bakery O’Mills have opened their fourth location with a farmhouse theme at Taikoo Li.  Farmhouse? Sure, why not. Giddyup. They’re going for more substantial meals with this iteration: large-portioned brunch plates, salads and sandwiches, to their classic sourdough pizzas.

O'Mills Farm House

Purveyors of one of the most underrated burgers in the city Nicholson's Grill is set to re-open in March in the old Heartbreaker location. That's a pretty nice location. Their opening under a new name though, Char Char Bistro. 

Michelin Tokyo ramen bar Konjiki Hototogisu Ramenhouse opened on the basement of IFC. Konichwa!

Konjiki Hototogisu Ramenhouse

One of the most successful Western restaurant collections in Beijing have finally completed their triptych of venues in Shanghai. Mosto is now open on Julu Lu, serving more dinner-ish — “contemporary-casual Mediterranean flavors in an unpretentious, intimate setting.” They previously supplied you with Moka Bros and La Social, and with this, they can take you to dinner, drinks after, and brunch the next day. Give them all your money.

ChinTChin is a new bistro opened on Fuxing Lu, serving brunches, tapas, and alcoholic drinks, the best kind of drinks, in the evening.

Remember that gorgeous top-floor space Azul use to have? Well now there's an “ultimate vegan option” that took over Azul's old attic location Ferguson Lane. Fortunate Vegan Café bills itself as: “a large selection of international cuisines made from plant-based ingredients, including burgers, omelettes, cheese pasta, fried noodles”.  Huh! Right on.  Will have to check that one out.

Fortunate Vegan Café

New fine-dining French restaurant Le Voyage has opened at Hengshan Fang. Posh, romantic venue in a two-level lane house.

Small Spanish restaurant Vecinos has opened on Fuxing Lu.

Dine Amic Bistro has opened in Tianzi Fang. Kitchen is headed by a Malaysian chef who presents fusion food with poems and local ingredients. Poems! What a dreamer.

Yaya’s a new eatery, is set to open on Tongren Lu in Jing’an with a kitchen that “rolls out fresh and quality pasta daily alongside a selection of zingy small plates and antipasti.”

Hey, that’s alright.

A new terrace is opening at the Sukhothai Hotel. Part of an expanded ZUK Bar, they will now be serving up a full menu of Mediterranean dishes. 

Bars and Clubland: Beijing Techno Calling

Rumors are swirling around a little strip of prime real estate at Hengshan Lu right around the corner from the old Arkham. Shanghai’s “underground” clubbing scene is likely to be joined in the coming months with this city’s expansion of respected Beijing techno club Zhaodai. One to definitely watch out for if you’re into earnest and avant electronic music offered up by this nation’s finest outfits and haircuts.

Meanwhile, in Jing’an, you’ve got The Showroom, a hidden Italian-oriented speakeasy atop a furniture shop on Jiaozhou Lu. They’re serving cocktails in themed rooms and tongue-in-check deco inspired by magazine “The Toilet Paper”.  One of the signature drinks: “Don’t Touch My Tralala”. Piquant? You decide.

The Showroom

New whiskey-themed bar Relax has opened on Xiangyang Bei Lu, which has inspired us to open a Fireball-and-meth-themed bar called FUCKING PANIC

Don’t steal our idea. Look for an opening in April.

A new hip hop bar in Xintiandi called Lo Tengo is open. 

Speaking of hip hop bars, IS GRND CNTRL VR GNG T PN, R WHT?

Closings: Nothing Too Tragic…

Heading on into the busy season for F&B in Shanghai, the casualty count is down this week.  Brunch favorite Green & Safe has closed their, admittedly, quite lovely Dongping Lu location — but they’ve still got half a dozen other venues around town if you’re a fan.

GREEN & SAFE (Xuhui)

Hold on to your top hats and monocles, member’s only swank fest KEE Club is also closed… but they’re just relocation to a new venue a few block down the street on Huaihai Lu.  Capitalism wins.

New Coffee Chains and Int’l Cafes to Rule the World

World famous American coffee chain Blue Bottle Coffee has its first location in China at JiC in North Jing’an. The word is they plan to open at least 10 more around town, to which we say why not 10,000?

Sydney-based café Black Star Pastry just opened on Yuyuan Lu, with their iconic strawberry and watermelon cake (aka “the most instagrammed cake,” according to the NYT), as well as coffee and cocktails.

black star pastry

Pop-ups, New Menus, Relocations, Odds and Ends, Blah, Blah

Plant-Based Burger Pop-up BaoBao, by Shiyin Wang of Duli Fame is opening up a Pop-up on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at Egg on Xiangyang Lu.

ZUK Bar at Sukhothai is now serving a Mediterranean menu, and has opened an outdoor terrace space connected with Urban Café. They open the terrace on March 1.


Hyatt on the Bund has been purchased by Bund property kingpins Jiushe Group and everyone’s anticipating a whole-scale rebrand on the lux hotel. 

Enjoy the VUE while you can?