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A Dozen More Brunches for Summer. With Full Menus!

See the actual, full brunch menu from 10+ more places.
2020-07-15 11:00:00

You shouldn't guess about a decision as important as brunch. Stop wondering where you should go and what to order when you get there. Take the indecision out of it. ACT NOW with SmartShanghai's handy brunch menu collection! Yes, we've pestered a dozen more restaurants around town for their brunch menus to add to our expanding library of egg and free-flow literature so you can MAKE AN INFORMED DECISION about an important life event. Brunch!

All brunches are on both Saturday and Sunday, unless otherwise stated.

Happy menu reading!


Heritage by Madison

Heritage is Austin Hu's latest restaurant but hardly his first dance with brunch. He's built a loyal brunch following going back to his days on Dongping Lu for his gluttonous approach to the weekend meal; there's only one salad on this menu and it comes with bacon and cheddar cheese. In keeping with that theme, there are at least three types of free-flow booze options from virgin (148rmb) to luxe (468rmb). Expect to spend about 300rmb. 11.30am-3pm.

M on the Bund

M on the Bund is an institution in large part because of their whimsical brunch. It is totally omnivorous most of the time, from a pork and foie gras terrine to a lamb tagine and M's Very Famous Pavlova — really travels, this one — though once a month (first Sunday) they keep it completely vegan. Expect to spend up to 400rmb. 11.30am-3pm.


Perch brunch is straight-up classics like eggs benny, a club sandwich or pizza. It's padding, really, for their 168rmb free-flow that lasts from 11am to 3pm on the weekends, and includes mimosas, Bloody Mary's, sangria and more. Expect to spend less than 250rmb. 11.30am-3pm.

The Rooster

Another member of the Jing'an avian family. Like Perch, the food options — a breakfast burger, cobb salad, a fried chicken and pimento cheese sandwich — are secondary to their booze options: 180rmb free-flow from 11am-3pm or 280rmb including booze and an expanded booze selection. Expect to spend about 250rmb to get bird-brained. 11.30am-3pm.

Cantina Agave

Cantina is back and better than ever after a big refurb in spring and a tweak on the menu. It's tequila and breakfast tacos and huevos and a salsa bar and al fresco seating out there on the sidewalk. Oh, and four hours of free-flow margaritas, sangria, prosecco and Corona for 150rmb (11am-3pm). Oof. Expect to spend less than 250rmb. 11.30am-3pm.


Jean Georges Vongeritchen's Mercato has never done brunch before. That's going to change next month though, when they start their first-ever brunch on August 1. After that it will run Fridays to Sundays. They say almost all of the dishes are new, made just for the brunch. And yes, there will be pizza. Two of them on the brunch menu. Of course, this is speculative, but expect to spend around 300rmb per person.


O'Mills started as the retail bakery for a sourdough-obsessed baker and has evolved into this kind of wholesome, healthy, super wanghong brand. On weekends, the original location on Yongjia Lu is a non-stop parade of selfie-takers falling out of the windows; that's what success looks like in Shanghai. So they opened a second location in a prime ground-floor location of Jing'an Kerry Center for their avocado toast, kale chips, and "green giant" flaxseed vegan burger. Expect to spend about 100rmb. 11.30am-3pm.


I mean, really, you don't need an intro to RAC. Galettes, crowds, crepes, crowds, sandwiches, crowds. So hip. Quite delicious. Wanghong with legs. Besides the usual brunchy dishes, there is a RAC Combo with two eggs any style with sourdough, salted butter, a small salad and two sides for 88rmb. Expect to spend less than 150rmb. 11.30am-3pm.

The Press

Nothing wrong with the food at this restaurant but brunch here is about history: this building used to be the headquarters of the Shen Bao newspaper (also called Shun Pao), the longest-running newspaper in China. It started in 1872 and wrapped up in May 1949; the decor pays homage to that. Look at that ceiling! Read this before you go. Expect to spend less than 150rmb. 11.30am-3pm.

Le Comptoir de Pierre Gagnaire

Gagnaire doesn't do brunch anymore but they do lunch and that's just brunch with shorter hours, right? It's for those of you looking for a classier, fancier option for a weekend daytime spot. Expect to spend about 500rmb. 11.30am-3pm.

The Tiffany Blue Box Cafe

Just read this. Then ignore it. And go for brunch. Expect to spend more than 500rmb. 11.30am-3pm.


Mod mid-century Cali vibes and great cooking from Anna Bautista's team. If there's a "date brunch" in Shanghai, this is it. Expect to spend 200-300rmb. 11.30am-3pm.

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