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  • Spare Leash

    Online Service

    152 1684 1040
    Spare Leash is a pet-sitting platform that connects pet owners to verified pet-sitters. With safety as their number one priority, all pet sitters have gone through a...
    Spare Leash Shanghai
    Pet Hotel
    Pet Sitting
  • Pet Market

    405 Xizang Nan Lu, near Fangbang Zhong Lu

    西藏南路405号, 近方浜中路

    6336 3530
  • Premium

    Bauer's Pet Cuisine

    Delivery Only

    • Bauer's Pet Cuisine Shanghai
    Bauer’s Pet Cuisine is a German and Chinese-owned online Pet-Store specializing in imported dog and cat supplies for pets that don’t eat food — they eat “cuisine”. They stock a range of pet cuisines that you won’t find anywhere else: dry and wet...
    Pet Supplies & Food
  • Premium

    PAW Veterinary Clinic (Huangpu)

    99 Dongqinlian Lu,
    near Dajing Lu

    东青莲路99号, 近露香园路

    6733 7866
    • PAW Veterinary Clinic (Huangpu) Shanghai
    • PAW Veterinary Clinic (Huangpu) Shanghai
    • PAW Veterinary Clinic (Huangpu) Shanghai
    Clean, friendly, and high-end full-service vet clinic on Dongqinlian Lu. They can handle check-ups, surgeries, vaccines, lab tests, advice on relocating your pet, behavioral advice, even grooming and dentistry — basically everything you need to...
    Pet Hotels
  • Premium

    PAW Veterinary Clinic (Pudong)

    No.1-11, 1755 Donglu Lu,
    near Jingao Lu

    东陆路1755弄1-11号, 近金高路

    5043 5620
    • PAW Veterinary Clinic (Pudong) Shanghai
    • PAW Veterinary Clinic (Pudong) Shanghai
    • PAW Veterinary Clinic (Pudong) Shanghai
    Clean, friendly, and pricey full-service vet clinic with English-speaking doctors. They can handle check-ups, surgeries, lab tests, and even grooming and dentistry. They also have a full range of pet toys, food, and accessories. In case of...
    Pets & Animals
  • Shenpu Pet Hospital (Huangpu)

    565 Xujiahui Lu, near Luban Lu

    徐家汇路565号, 近鲁班路

    5301 8000
  • Hello Corgi

    8/F, 26 Jinchuang Lu, near Daxue Lu

    锦创路26号8楼, 近大学路

    136 2187 0700 / 173 1724 9109
    Part of the unsettling dog-shaped-food trend of late 2018, Hello Corgi at least has the benefit of featuring actual (non-edible) corgis to accompany your corgi-themed snack and...
    Hello Corgi Shanghai
  • Doctors Beck & Stone (Weining Lu)

    500 Weining Lu, near Changning Lu

    威宁路500号, 近长宁路

    3250 6732
    Friendly, foreign-run vet under New Ruipeng Pet Healthcare Group - which is dedicated to professional pet services and has over 1,600 hospitals nationwide. For an appointment,...
    Doctors Beck & Stone (Weining Lu) Shanghai
    Pet Hotels
  • Qi Le Cat Cafe

    1161 Shaanxi Bei Lu, near Anyuan Lu

    陕西北路1161号, 近安远路

    3360 3118
    Two floors of cats cats cats! Cats in glass houses, cats on kiddie-castle playsets, cats cats cats! There are almost twenty little friends here, mostly well-groomed fat floofy...
    Qi Le Cat Cafe Shanghai
    Jing'an District
  • Doctors Beck & Stone (Minghang)

    66 Qingshan Lu, near Hongjing Lu

    青杉路66号, 近虹井路

    6402 9226
    Clean, friendly, and foreign run vet that's cheaper than some other English-speaking options around town. Their hospitals offer 24/7 emergency crisis centers with 24-hour...
  • Xin Qi Chong (Jinqiu Lu)

    No. 13, Lane 809 Jinqiu Lu, near Qilianshan Lu

    锦秋路809弄13号, 近祁连山路

    189 1709 3646
    A pet cafe right next to Shanghai University station. Occupying three floors, it offers you the chance to closely interact with their rabbits, chinchillas, cats, pigs, birds and...
    Kids Activities
  • Buddy City

    76-78 Yongxing Lu, near Hongxing Lu

    永兴路76-78号, 近鸿兴路

    6662 0130 / 189 1654 0189
    Day care center for dogs, with facilities for socialization, play, boarding, training, grooming, and a petshop for basic pet needs.
    Pet Hotel
    Jing'an District
  • Shanghai Naughty Family Pets Co (Hongqiao)

    2393 Hongqiao Lu, near Jianhe Lu

    虹桥路2393号, 近剑河路

    Shop 6268 9507 / Hospital 6268 6663
    First opened in Shanghai in 1993, Naughty Family Pet Hospital is a large chain in China, aiming at providing safe and accurate diagnosis and treatment services. It is the...
  • Shenpu Pet Hospital (Changning)

    185 Tianshan Lu, near Weining Lu

    天山路185号, 近威宁路

    6291 3730
  • Paws Nation

    1/F, 300 Qianjiatan Lu, near Yaolong Lu

    钱家滩路300号1层, 近耀龙路

    6892 3005
    A posh pet palace with grooming, retail, and pet hotel. Owned by Lori Shen and Leonie Zhang, they sell their own Pets Nation branded accessories designed by Shen.
    Paws Nation Shanghai
    Pet Grooming
    Pet Hotel