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Community Markets: Central Studios 10th Summer Fair This Sunday

Jun 19, 2019 | 15:05 Wed
One of Shanghai's larger photos studios and hub for creative types, Central Studios has been organizing an annual non-profit fair for years. It started out for friends in the industry, editors and stylists and the like, but it's gradually been ballooning. This Sunday 10th Summer Fair and it's shaping up to be a doozy. Taking over the yard are 50 vendors of the designer and artisan persuasion, with food from Egg, Bitter, Homeslice, Ask Jerry, Little Catch and more, eight DJs including China Social Club, Doggy and Cavia, an all-day ping-pong competition, free haircuts and, crucial, pay attention, a 100sqm studio set-aside for kids to build an enormous maze out of recycled cardboard.

Plus they're giving out free stuff! Totebags and custom vinyl crates! For charity!


The charity in question is the Library Project, which builds libraries or reading corners in underprivileged schools in China, stocked with specially printed books. To ensure they can provide as much dough to the organization as possible by cutting down costs, they're charging an entry fee for the first time ever this year. Gasp! It's 10rmb. Phew.


As part of their plastic-free, environmentally-conscious bit, IdleBeats are doing a special 10-year commemorative print on tote bags, which they're giving away for free. Central Studios also teamed up with Beats (their only sponsor, who also helped with the AV and DJ booth set-up) for a "Red Crate Project," which is basically 300 crates (red) that would work perfectly as a vinyl crate, a seat, or a recycling bin. Those are first-come, first-grab.


The line-up of DJs donating their time and tunes include LacyChu, MĀOKĒ, Cavia, RAFA, Queenie, Lise Olsen, China Social Club, and Doggy. Such good souls! Fine people.


Central Studios Summer Fair Day is taking place on Sunday, June 23 from 10am-6pm in the yard of Central Studios. Entry is 10rmb.


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