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[Restaurant Review Of The Week]

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"All in all I had a very good experience and, as a result, disagree with Handoogies review."

By Mar 21, 2016 Dining
Welcome, opinionated diners with SmartShanghai user accounts. Once more it's time for "Review of the Week", wherein we award one user review with a fat voucher for Sherpa's Delivery -- 500rmb, damn that's nothing to sneeze at -- merely for writing something useful about a meal they had out there in a restaurant in the city.

Here we go...


Keeping it short and sweet this week. Just a few bits and pieces of insight on the User Reviews section.

User JulC has complimentary things to say about La Cabane, which offers authentic French aromas:

"A nice place to feel like in the Alps and enjoying some typical foods with cheese.
The space is cosy and the atmosphere very friendly."
- JulC on La Canane

User Bai Ma Ke has issues with SmSh's own First Look at Cantina Agave Mark 2, aka Tepito

"Menu much more varied then before and atmosphere much more upscale. All the dishes we had were excellent and variety of tequila shots was very impressive." - Bai Ma Ke on Tepito

And, finally, the indefatigable Boneshack is back again, typos and all, with nothing but love for Al's Diner's milkshakes:

"Milkshakes. Icecream. Cookie Dough. Grilled MacnCheese... if your mouth is watering already from these words you have to stop by Als Diner." - Bones on Al's Diner

The winner this week is Boneshack for showing consistent dedication to the User Reviews cause, coming back for two weeks in a row with some well considered reports. Congrats Bones. We'll be in touch.

Remember, we do this every week. If you ate or drank somewhere, tell us about your experience and you could win 500rmb in Sherpa's delivery.



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