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First Bite: Dogtown

Jun 11, 2014 | 18:19 Wed
Dave Seminsky, the guy behind Sumerian Coffee, has expanded his footprint on Shanxi Bei Lu. He's taken over the space formerly occupied by Amphora, that ubiquitous little Greek boutique chain, and turned it into Dogtown.

It's a solid concept: just a tiny box with a window. And out of said window come beer and tasty snacks. The beer selection is pretty good, with three draft beers (San Mig, Stella and Brooklyn Lager) and spiked iced tea—also on draft. They've got a nice selection of bottled craft brews as well.

The menu is short and sweet, with a handful of Mexican-inspired eats. They do pretty tasty beer-braised pulled pork that they'll smother all over a plate of nachos or put in flour tortilla or on a corn tostada. They fry up chicharrones to order. I highly recommend trying these. They also do a selection of taco/tostada plates made with ceviche, batter-fried fish and other stuff.

They've set up a few barstools alongside it the window and have installed a misting system that sprays coolness on you every minute. When that fills up, they've got spillover seating available in the evening. My only complaint, food prep times are slow. It's a tiny kitchen, and, at least on our visit, only one guy was doing any cooking, and most of it was being done to order. If a queue forms, you might be waiting a while for that tostada.

Still, I see this becoming a popular little haunt in the summer months. It's worth checking out. This Saturday might be an opportune time. They've got a grand opening party going on from 2–9pm with lots of grub and prizes from the likes of Cuervo, Jameson, Fireball and others.