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Acrobats, Jin Mao SkyWalk, MOMA, Oh My: 'Stuff to Do' Returns to Shanghai This weekend

The city's top culture and recreation destinations are back open for biz...
2022-07-01 19:00:00

Hey, look at that: More of Shanghai is opening up! We already talked about restaurants and nightlife right here. Many gyms have announced a July 1 opening date. Parks are opening up this weekend too... except the West Bund area, which is still largely blocked off. We'd imagine it would probably be in less demand anyways, now that there's more stuff to do. Tourist sites are slowly opening up this weekend, cinemas and formal classical concert venues are scheduled to come back July 8, and most museums and art galleries have opened already too.

Here's a big one: swimming pools. Largely not open yet. Bummer. Oriental Springs, that hot springs with good booze deals doesn't have an opening date yet. Neither does Mandarin City, which are currently undergoing a change of ownership. Playa Maya, that super popular pool with the great location right downtown, opens tomorrow July 2. You need to book a spot on day in advance for that one. They've open with a limited capacity. The Grand Plaza Club House Pool opens on July 6.

On the entertainment side of things, we called up a few places to confirm opening dates: Teamlab returns July 9;Temple of Light will return but not until end of July;Sleep no More on July 13; the Jurassic Park exhibition on July 8.

For stage and jazz, expect to see tickets become available on SmartTicket for July shows for the venues that work with SmartShanghai: ERA is open, Jazz at Lincoln Center opens next week. Shanghai Grand Theatre, Jaguar Shanghai Symphony Orchestra Hall, Shanghai Culture Square all are open and are re-launching their program in the coming weeks.

Below is a short selection of things we've confirmed to be open and just waiting for you to try them out:

Get High at the Jinmao Tower Sky Walk

You can walk around the outside of the Jinmao Tower 340m above the streets below. Yeah. Crazy! Located on the 88th floor of one of Lujiazui's most iconic buildings, the Jinmao skywalk is a platform 1.2 meters wide, that you can strap in and walk along with the help of trained professionals. It's also the highest sky walk in the world. And not only does Jinmao provide a panoramic view of Shanghai featuring both sides of the Huangpu River, floors 56-88 also hold the world's highest atrium at 152 meters. Neat-o.

Shanghai's Beloved Acrobat Show, ERA Is Back

The second season of multimedia spectacular "Era – Intersection of Time" will have a preview performance on June 19. It will officially debut on July 31 at Shanghai Circus World. The show, "Era 2 – Spirit of Shanghai," will feature a completely new storyline and scenes. The first season had a 15-year run since its debut on September 27, 2005 and attracted more than 5 million viewers from home and abroad, with 600 million yuan (US0,000) worth of tickets sold.

They say you haven't been to Shanghai unless you've been to ERA...

Escape Reality at Motrix VR

You've tried escape rooms but have you tried VIRTUAL REALITY escape rooms? With the action completely taking place via the VR headsets, the thing that sets Motrix apart from other VR places is the caliber of games. They've gotthree from Ubisoft: Escape the Lost Pyramid and Beyond Medusa's Gate are based off the Assassin's Creed franchise, while the third, Dagger of Time, is based on Prince of Persia. It's pretty great. SmartShanghai tried it out before the lockdown and discovered that it is indeed quite rad. Read more about it here.

The Super Duper Planetarium Is Open

The Shanghai Astronomy Museum, also known as The Shanghai Planetarium, is the world's largest astronomy museum. The celestial-inspired building hosts a gigantic central exhibition space, observations with telescopes, education and research centers, and even an IMAX theater. Great one for kids interested in science and space. Note: It's really popular. The museum fills up every day and tickets need to be booked 7 days in advance through their WeChat channel.

Museum of Art Pudong: One Stop Shop for Arty Diversions

Opened in to much fanfare in 2021, the Museum of Art Pudong covers six floors with 13 exhibition halls as well as a rooftop terrace. The interior is standard Shanghai concrete minimalism, although the warm color and lighting offset this somewhat, creating a more accessible feel for the works. Exhibitions run the gamut of classical and contemporary Chinese and International art, often transpiring concurrently with one another, which can make for a really eclectic afternoon at the museum.

Sweet Sensory Deprivation at Flotasian

Floatasian is a luxury floatation spa offering stress relief and relaxation. The tanks are all imported from Sweden, and they're filled with salt water that's kept at body temperature so you can float comfortably. Floatasian is offering awesome deals to new customers. Any 60-minute session you purchase right now can be used in the next couple months. They even offer tanks for couples.

Disneyland Is Open

You heard about this one. The House of the Mouse is back in business and accepting guests. Might be fun to go see how Captain America handled lockdown. (Probably with valor, empathy, and aplomb.)

From the Minds of Cirque: 'X, Land of Phantasy'

Created in partnership with Cirque du Soleil this Hanzhou-based production features a rich storyline with multi-dimensional characters, surreal universes, stunning visuals and high-energy action and acrobatics. If you're a fan of Cirque-style acrobatic arts, this one's worth a trip out of Shanghai for.

TopGolf Is Back with Gaming, Golfing, Dining, and Drinking

Topgolf is a sports bar-meets-restaurant-meets-arcade is comprised of several bookable "Swing Suites" for private parties, groups of friends, and fun, team building corporate events. They also host a small 10-hole mini golf course. The food and drink menus are worth a deep dive, coming from Chef Danyi Gao and mixologist Colin Tait. Food is pub grub and "Global with Asian twists". Mini golf is available to walk-ins, but better to book ahead for the Suites. Search "Topgolf" on WeChat.