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A Bunch of F&Bs: Some Interesting New Things Are Open

Roll on 2022 with new British, French… and Hummus places
2022-01-18 12:00:00

Hey, some nice variety in the “new openings” section this week. And only one new Italian restaurant opening to report. Shanghai still making moves even as we head into the quieter, year’s end season. Starting off with some random-ness before we get into that new stuff.

Bits and Bites: Stuff Happening Around Town

Looks the masterminds behind J. Boroski are going to be taking over those prime locations of Bird and Bitter offering “something new but familiar”. Bitter will become No Filter, a neighborhood coffee and tea cocktail space, with also a strong classic list. Bird will become Bijou, a smaller version of their restaurant Bistro 11. Ops Director Mark Lloyd tells us that things have been great for the group and "we went from 1 bar to 5 quick, so we're adapting". 

J. Boroski

We already talked about how Pirata is moving to Xingfu Li from their Columbia Circle venue at the end of February. They aren’t the only ones. All the pool-side venues in Columbia Circle have closed or are closing. A new developer is taking that bit over and doing something else with it.  And so it goes.

Shake is closing for renovations in February so head down to the blues and soul favorite in January to get your fill. Hey, Wooden Box closed? Huh. A while ago it seems. Singaporean restaurant Umaami has closed. More recently.


Tinder date favorite Atelier's on Julu Lu is in their last week at that location but you won’t have to go far to get to their new place. They have their renovations scaffolding up on Changle Lu next to that new Boiling CrabSwipe right on that in the near future.

Speaking of…

New Openings: New French, Japanese, British Things

What a segue. Atelier Izakaya 2.0 now is open on Yan’an Dong Lu on the Bund. It’s Japanese fusion. Japanese binchotan grill dishes plus classy cocktails. Maybe good for Tinder dates if you’ve set your parameters between 35-45.

Atelier Izakaya

The new, expensive-ass, fancy restaurant that people are talking about is New Wave by Da Vittorio now open in art gallery UCCA Edge. Is it as good as New Wave by Depeche Mode? Can’t tell you. Haven’t been yet. But expect “New Wave: The Review Sessions by SmartShanghai 2.0 Edition” next week some time.

Cages 2: Cage Harder is open at One East. With a kitchen headed up by the always talented Sean Jorgensen! Well, that sounds alright. Will check that out.

Now open: Spread bar à tartine, at the junction of Wuding Lu and Shaan Xi Lu. An all-day Frenchie cafe specializing in a variety of open sandwiches, ranging from vegetarian options like their classy "La Ciboulette" (which is topped with yoghurt, cucumber and 'a lot of chives’) to more indulgent plates   like   "La   Raclette”, which   contains   3   types   of   hams. Good times are here again, friends.

Spread bar à tartine

Butler and White just officially opened at Tian Zi Fang. It’s a small British eatery and bar, serving the country’s culinary staples (humble pie?) and Guinness. They also feature earthy, affable waitresses walking around sayin things like “Frishen yer drink, guv’nor?” And, “cam on, luv. ‘Aven’t yew ‘ad about enough?”

Probably not but it should be like that.

Cicchetti. Xintiandi. Italian.

Carter. Cocktails. Fengxian Lu.

Empty Jar is open on Xikang Lu. They tell me: “Their Taiwanese head chef brings his expertise from his time at a Michelin-starred veggie restaurant in Manhattan, serving his versions of hummus dishes.” Hmmm, that sounds pretty good. Could be down with it!

Empty Jar

That’s all for this week.

Oh wait!

…When are we going to talk about Mr &…