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Great Reads: Great Leap Brewery Rips AB InBev's Boxing Cat Purchase

Mar 7, 2017 | 17:45 Tue

The great China beer wars have begun, my friends. Lines have been drawn. Maybe one day we'll all remember where we were when the bombs fell? When the pints shattered; when the hops just got too damned hoppy. Linked through is the personal / professional blog of Carl Setzer, co-owner of Beijing's formidable Great Leap Brewing, one of the integral components, if not THE integral component, of whatever it is we call China Craft Beer. In his latest piece, he's going on a bit of a scree on the recent purchase of Boxing Cat by The Man Ab InBev.

Here's just a choice cut: "I’ll still drink Boxing Cat out of nostalgia and support for my friends. For the time being it’s still going to be good beer, but the chances that it will remain good beer after being “transitioned” by the same brewing geniuses that brought us Bud Lime is unlikely. And when ABI fucks it up, and they will fuck it up, I’ll be the first one to toast a glass to the memory of one of the best pints China has ever known." BUD LIME. Oh, man. That's hoppy. That's super hoppy. Read the entirety of his thoughts here.


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