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A Rockabilly Album Release, Shanghai's First HellFest, and the Blue Men Group Side Band Tinnitus

Nov 21, 2016 | 16:46 Mon
Break out that turkey jerky, it's time for another rip roaring live concert 'best of' list, and this week is all about that hard rock 'n' roll -- the trash metal, the punk rock, the grindcore. Well, except for Melmann. That guy is easy breezy cover girl. But yeah, strictly (mostly) harder sounds on the agenda this week in Shanghai -- and what a beautiful week for it too.


Tinnitus (feat. members of Blue Man Group), Chaos Mind, Dirty Fingers

Wednesday, November 23 @ Yuyintang

Alright, you've seen the Blue Man Group. You've read the fabulous interview last week on But you're still hungry for more? No worries, friend, because long-running Blue Man member Jeff Tortora is back on Wednesday with his hard rock covers bank Tinnitus. Tortora is not running amatuer hour when it comes to banging on those skins. In example take a peak at this Modern Drummer article which features a few words and videos of Jeff beating the skins. Also on the bill is Shanghai punk rock outfit Dirty Fingers who feature a pretty hot shit Brazilian drummer themselves, along with a bunch of hard partying Chinese kids. If that wasn't enough for you, one of the most respected metalcore bands in China Chaos Mind are also throwing down at Yuyintang on Wednesday. Should be a friendly romper stomper for everyone involved. Door fee is only 50rmb on this gig so giddyup.


Wednesday, November 23 @ On Stage

If you want to take it down about 5 million notches and experience a multimedia world of delights then check out Melmann who is also playing on Wednesday. The Buenos Aires-based musician and artist is performing an hour long set of music that uses computer productions alongside live percussion and acoustic instrumentation -- including a harp! All this is set to a pretty intense visual show that is accompanied by field recordings and just a grab-bag of out-of-this-world visual and audio elements. I can't say enough how talented this guy is. One of my favorite albums that came out a few years ago is titled Cataplasma Ungüento and uses a melodica, kalimba, rain stick, and Spanish laud set to entrancing piano. This show is also 50rmb. Check out a live set example here:

Melmann - Live at roBOT Festival

Rolling Bowling

Friday, November 25 @ Yuyintang

The band that helped put Beijing on the worldwide rockabilly map, Rolling Bowling is in town on Friday playing at Yuyintang. The boys are taking that huge upright bass on the road in celebration of their latest album released on Modern Sky Music. By now, these rockers can claim old school status from their numerous festival appearances around China for the past decade. Their live set can include anything from rockabilly, psychobilly, swing, and even a little punk rock. Put your dancing shoes on because this one is for people who want to mover their feet. Door charge will run you 100rmb.

Rolling Bowling - Live 2013

Alpaca, Life Life, Loud Speaker, Fighting Back, Chaos Mind, and Fighting Back

Saturday, November 26 @ Inferno

A big and heavy thing on down at Inferno this Saturday with the 2016 incarnation of ShangHellFest. The hounds of Lucifer will be set loose to the sound track of six hardcore, punk, and metal bands doing their thing. Representing hardcore are the high energy denim connoisseurs Spill Your Guys. Landing on the punk rock side of the fence are old school Chinese trouble makers Loud Speaker. Infusing a big old bottle of classic hardcore with a shot of nu metal are Playful Warrior artist Fighting Back. On the stoner hard rock tip is Life Line. I haven't heard Alpaca yet but they are self described as "heavy-hitting doom sludge metal" and that's sounds just ok by me. Of course ,no ShangHellFest would be complete without Chaos Mind. Because of all the bands, this show gets going early at 8pm and is free entry!!! I'd say this gig qualifies as FULL BLAST.

Spill Your Guts - "Full Blast"

Looking ahead to next week don't sleep on getting tickets for those crazy Russian instrumental mad men MoonCake. That show is on a whole next level.


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