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Here's Limp Bizkit Doing 'Killing In the Name' at Shanghai Sonic, You're Welcome

Aug 19, 2013 | 16:49 Mon
Last Sunday, a Limp Bizkit concert broke out amongst a sea of white chairs and the video evidence is beginning to trickle bearing witness to the fact. For your viewing pleasure, here's the official concert viddy of the band doing that Rage Against The Machine song "Killing In The Name Of". They ended it off right at that breakdown bit at the end but it's still a stirring call to arms against people who try to tell you to do things.

FUCK YOU, those people.

The Bizkit cut it off there and then went into their cover of George Michael's "Faith", itself a stirring call to arms on thinking twice before giving your heart away. Here's the official viddy of that one.

Here's a Youku bootleg of the entire performance, which clocks in at a robust 72 minutes. Incidentally, "Nookie" comes in at around the 43 minute mark -- that one's aged like fine wine, my friends.

I though I'd save myself the trouble of googling "Korn concert Shanghai" so you can do that if you like. They played on Saturday. Dude probably played a 90-string bass and made wrestler faces at the audience. That's my guess.

As we wipe away the bro-sweat from our eyes and clear the red baseball hats from the stage, the central issue of the Great Metal Shanghai Metal Experiment 2013 seems to be audience attendance. Here's the take-away, I gather: people will pay to see Metallica, Korn, sort of, Limp Bizkit, a bit, but Aerosmith, maybe nah.

That's one to grow on, everyone. The more you know. Until next time... keep...