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Sherpa's Closing: Survival Tips

Apr 29, 2010 | 12:04 Thu
Sherpa's will shutter on April 30, May 1, and May 2. They will be too busy delivering Closure Notices to clubs, bars, and opium dens in Shanghai. points out that: "Although not as critical as going without water, missing even just a few meals can cause a host of undesirable complications for the would-be survivor." What ever will we do? Here's three tips to make it through these challenging times:

1. A person can survive up to, and including, a week without Haiku, but only a few days without water. Tearing the pages out of a local magazine and crumpling them into wads is an easy way to make a rainwater collection tool. Leave them outside on the terrace (Mesa, el Willy), wait for it to rain, and then wring the soaked pages directly into your mouth.

2. Learn the art of fire craft. "Your ability to create a fire is perhaps the most visible mark of an experienced survivor". Glamour Bar's sturdy wood matches work particularly well.

3. "Signaling allows you to make contact with people who can rescue you without having to be in actual physical contact with them." Taikang Lu sells a delightful mix of reflective mirrors, whistles, and Personal Locator Beacons, created by actual, surviving artisans and artsy people!

Sherpa's re-opens on May 3.