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New Expat Web Series Shot At Avocado Lady And Ladies Nights

By Jan 27, 2015 SmSh
So this new Shanghai web-series Floating City just dropped on the interwebs. The first episode dives deep into expat life – you know, just vintage biking on Wulumuqi Lu, dropping' a little putonghua at the Avocado Lady, trying to act non-important, dealing with French people and supercilious Brits, working on that China blog, thinking about adopting a cat (Chairman MEOW? LULZ), hitting up a sweet ladies night for some free manicures and cocktails with REAL ALCOHOL, maybe teaching a new friend how to eat some xiao long bao-dizzles. Just everyday shit, you know?

That's streaming on Youku. Link after the jump.

Stream that right here.


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  • food reviewer

    "dealing with French people and supercilious Brits"
    .........and loud mouthed American bloggers

  • taiwanosaurus

    Long may we superciliate.

  • daiyu87

    Jesus...that's very bad cinematography of low level amateurs....

  • Unverified User

    ^^^Haters are gonna hate. Well done. It's certainly more than other expats have even attempted to do. Besides bang bushy-haired Chinese girls of course...

  • MargauxofParis_

    Or perhaps if you don't know how to proper film or act you do not do it for example ? Sorry @ShanghaiKim but the argument "more than other have done" is quite poor and depressing.

    The idea was good, i really liked the generic but the rest ... Awful. Full of stereotypes and bad acting, inspired from Lena Dunham "Girls" too much.

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