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Send Us Your Best CNY Stories, Win Katy Perry Tickets

By Feb 16, 2015 SmSh
You may remember last year that we solicited CNY stories from you. We asked you to recount stories of strange stuff that happened to you over the CNY holiday, and we put them all together right here. More importantly, you may also remember that there were prizes involved.

We're doing that again, too.

We're looking for tales of the strange, the obnoxious, the humiliating. Did you puke baijiu all over your host, like our winner "John Doe" did last year? Maybe you go into an animal sounds showdown with a kid on a train like Erin Singleton, our runner up. Or maybe you can outdo both of them this year.

Come back to us after the CNY holiday with a story, and the best one gets two tickets to Katy Perry's April 21 show at the Benz Arena.

For second prize, we'll give you a 1000rmb in Sherpa's vouchers.

Like last year, send your story to by February 27. Also, please keep it short and sweet: No more than 200 words. We'll post the best stories and announce the winners the following week.


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