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Bull & Claw Open Right Now, Best Burritos In Shanghai Close, And A Million Anniversary Parties

By Jun 9, 2017 Dining


Anniversaries! Egg. Apartment. Liquid Laundry. La Creperie. Ola. Get your birthday suit on, Shanghai, now the weather allows for it. In other news, this little place called Bull & Claw opened up days ahead of when I said it would last week. Oops. And finally, a true hero of the budget-minded burrito fans has shuttered its doors. Shanghai giveth, and Shanghai taketh away. Deets, jump, etc.


Now Open


First off, Colca, ALL and DUO are all open. You should go to those places, we mostly liked them. Dinner at Colca, slap cup (fuck beer pong) for dessert at DUO, highballs at ALL. BTW, three-letter venue names are annoying AF to list. Four letter words pls.

So we reported that URVC is closed. That was... well. Morgan?

Reports of its demise -- by Morgan -- were wholly premature. Seems they managed some 11th hour negotiations with the landlord and are continuing operations.

Narrow miss there.

New Hatsune in IAPM mall opened up, and they've been busy! Looking good there, Hatsune. 20% off during soft opening, which lasts until June 29.

This place called Bull & Claw hasn't been open for a week, nope. Not open, because I said it wouldn't be open until June 10. Okay, so I was wrong. They're open 7 nights a week for dinner, they'll be doing Brunch starting next weekend, and lunch the week after that. God please don't let me be wrong about this too.

Now Closed

In some sort of new record, Lick It on Shaanxi Nan Lu has been shut down like two months after it opened. Oof. Gonna have to add Shaanxi Nan Lu/Changle Lu to the list of "cursed corners."

Give me a moment here to eulogize the Mex & Co. stand in the basement of K11, sadly closed earlier this month and to be replaced by some noodle place, who cares. I loved Mex & Co. Substantive burritos for 45rmb with heaps of generic meat sauce, plenty of jalapenos and decent sauce, made hot on the spot. They were really really good. Mex & Co. in K11 was the best burrito place in the city. I'll be in the K11 parking lot at 11.11pm tonight, available to fight anyone who disagrees.

The Word Around Town

Quick financial news since everyone's talking about it like it's important. Yum China, which operates Pizza Hut and KFC and are therefore directly responsible for the Chizza, bought Daojia, who own Saturday hangover-cure scooter-fairies Sherpa's. The acquisition is rumored to have cost USD220 million. There, a little cocktail party trivia for you.

Wonder how much this cost to develop and produce. 22 bucks?

In other news, Reel Mall's basement floor got itself shuttered to hell as they seek to redevelop the area into like 20 restaurants. We'll keep an eye on that spot. Most of the fast-food places survived though, if not all.

Also, it was going to be the Bon App Awards tonight, but then it got cancelled like an hour before it was supposed to start. Government apparently put an emergency hold on it. Ouch. Ouuch. Ouuuuuuch.

Moving swiftly on, it's birthday time! Line-up for your balloon and plastic hats.

La Creperie is celebrating a whopping 10 years slinging crepes at their Taojiang Lu Location. Respect.

The Apartment's having its 7-year anniversary with a pretty nice terrace.

Liquid Laundry had its 3-year (already? man) anniversary yesterday, and by all accounts, it got wacky.

Egg's celebrating its 2nd anniversary this Saturday from 4-8pm with free booze and food.

Ola! Restaurant's also celebrating its 2nd anniversary.

So hey, congrats to those places. Good work, you guys. Thanks for making the city a little more edible. Ten thousand years Egg La Creperie Liquid Laundry Apartment Ola.




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