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Churches & Brunches: What to Do for This Easter Sunday

See what Shanghai is getting up to for the festival of rebirth.
2021-04-01 12:00:00
The tradition of eating on Easter began when the Anglo-Saxons would hold feasts celebrating the Spring goddess Ēostre. The tradition would eventually be absorbed into the Christian faith (as many old European festivals did). Now Easter Sunday is known as a time for praying and feasting, so here is a round-up of churches and brunches available in Shanghai this weekend festival.

Church Services

Usually, Shanghai’s churches will host a number of Easter events, but due to the COVID regulations, foreign language religious services have been canceled until further notice. This means that international churches cannot hold in-person services this Easter or even normal mass. Additionally, many (but not all) Chinese-language services will require a Chinese ID to attend, as well as obviously be in Chinese.

Despite the case, there are a number of churches, fellowships and groups hosting online programs. Check out their websites below for more information: