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Soccer, Dogs, and Cycling: Here Are a Few of Your Favorite Things

By Aug 23, 2017 Community
Organizers are looking towards the fall, and you can too! This week, ASAS7 wants you to join their soccer league and (if you missed it) Stepping Stones is looking for volunteers for the upcoming school year. Also, yoga-Brunch on steroids (sans yoga) with Lizzy's Super Fans Mobile Tour, another chance to adopt at a favorite drunch spot, and GoEast offers a free ink wash painting class.


Mobike and Lizzy's All Natural are teaming up for a Saturday of cycling, meditation, and healthy eating. The day starts at Lizzy's pop-up in DNA Coffit with a cup of coffee and a quick meditation sess. Lizzy's All Natural Founder, Elizabeth Schieffelin will also share the story of her company. Afterwards, the group hops on reserved Mobikes to Lizzy's Healthy Hub store on Shaanxi Lu to eat a vegan lunch from Happy Buddha, then bike to Anken Life, where there's a boxing workout with Aboro Academy; the day finishes with a Lizzy's smoothie. Synergy. So much synergy. Starts at 9.30am and costs 280rmb.

The gangs all here for this mash up of all that is healthy—even Mobike’s getting in the mix. The half-day event starts at 9.30 on Saturday morning and will combine healthy eating with working out with inspirational and informative talks from Elizabeth Schieffelin (founder of Lizzy’s All Natural). There are five set locations on this bike tour, and it’ll include DNA Coffit coffee in the morning, a vegan lunch from Happy Buddha, a boxing class from Aboro Academy, and a Lizzy’s smoothie. Costs 280rmb.

August 26 is International Dog Day. According to The Rooster, well-known inventor of nonexistent holidays. On Saturday, between 3-6pm they'll be serving up free hot dogs (which seems kind of sick), drink deals, and actual dogs with ears and tails. Sponsored by Pawesome, these dogs are up for adoption, looking for that forever home. Free entry.

If you’re regretting your choice to not adopt last weekend, here’s a second chance! The Rooster is hosting a dog-adoption-day sponsored by Pawsome. To get into the spirit, there'll be free hot dogs and drink deals from 3-6pm. That’s also when the cute dogs will be there. Free entry.

Dip your brush in some philosophical ink washing. Paint a postcard in a traditional art style. All materials provided, and it's free to. Starts at 3pm, goes until 4.30pm.

GoEast Language Center also does art classes. And they’re free! This Sunday, there'll be one on Chinese ink wash painting. You can paint a postcard and send it to your mom. Show her you care. All materials provided, runs from 3-4.30pm.


Back for the fall season, ASAS7 is an outdoor football (soccer!) league. The league offers a field to play on, refs, jerseys, and teammates. There are two divisions: A, which is more competitive and B, which is more recreational. The new fall season kicks off August 26 at 12pm and costs 7,500rmb per team.

ASAS7 kicks (!) off their season this Saturday, August 26—but it’s not too late to join if you can wrangle a team together. There's two divisions, one for the casual and another for the competitive. The fall season begins August 26 at 12pm, and it costs 7,500rmb per team to join. If you'd like more info wechat AKAS Sport Service at: af64660085.

If you missed it…

Stepping Stones is a non-profit that works in teaching English to the children of migrant families in Shanghai. They're opening up registration for their upcoming volunteering programs for the fall semester. Prior teaching experience is not required, all volunteers will be trained before heading to the classroom. To learn more, you can visit their website or contact for more information.

Nonprofit Stepping Stones works to close the education gap between migrant and urban students in and around Shanghai. They are currently recruiting volunteer English Teachers for the fall semester. No prior teaching experience necessary. More info on how to register here.



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