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First Bite: Market 101 by Goga

By Nov 17, 2014 Dining
Back in August, we reported that Brad Turley, chef of Goga and Hai was opening a new venture.

It's finally happened, and the place is called Market 101 by Goga. If you're from the Bay Area, like Turley, the name should be a no brainer. US Route 101 is the highway that crosses the Golden Gate Bridge (Goga, as we all know, is a shorthand for "Golden Gate").

The concept is simple: deli sandwiches made to order.

I've been twice already. The sandwiches are pretty great—gigantic ciabatta bread doorstops stacked with roast beef, turkey, or imported Italian salami and coppa ham. At 70–90rmb a pop, they aren't cheap, but one sandwich could easily satisfy two people, or one person with a healthy appetite (I fall in the latter category).

In addition to sandwiches, they've got some breakfast items, like waffles and coffee. You can also get bottles of wine and bagels by Spread the Bagel.

Fair warning, though, Turley insists that the whole project is still a "work in progress" and that he's still filing off a few of the rough edges. The staff are still learning the ropes, so if you go during peak hours, ticket times might be a little long. That said, go in during off hours, like 2pm, and you're golden.

For a listing of Market 101 click here.



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  • danirlopez

    "and you're golden" heh heh nice one

  • SmarterShanghai

    Didn't know Goga was short hand for Golden Gate. Thanks in advance for the trivia answer.

  • Justin Fischer

    @SmraterShanghai: It's not universally accepted shorthand, as far as I know. I think it's just something that Turley came up with for the title.

  • Justin Fischer

    I stand corrected. The Californian in our office has confirmed that Goga is in fact a generally accepted nickname.

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