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[UPDATED]: Baby Metal (Maaaaaybe) and More Coming for Shanghai Summer Sonic

Jun 8, 2017 | 17:54 Thu

[Update]: It appears we've jumped the gun a little on announcing the line-up to Shanghai's Summer Sonic. We'd gotten a hold of their press release before they were ready to actually press release it, and they've since come back to us stating a few of their finer details, including the final, iron-clad super duper, 'this is it' line-up are still TBA. We've edited the post to reflect that. What we can say is that this festival thing is coming. Some bands will play it.


After years of collaborations with Chinese brands and artists, one of Japan's biggest mainstream music festival brands Summer Sonic is coming to Shanghai. The first Shanghai Summer Sonic is two days of music this August. Previous years of Summer Sonic in Osaka and Chiba, Japan have seen the world's biggest rock and pop acts headline the main stage, including Radiohead, Metallica, Blur, Green Day, and Guns 'n' Roses but for Shanghai's inaugural Summer Sonic, we're (MAAAAAYBE) getting an act infinity more gnarly that all those aforementioned clown shoe acts combined: BABY METALLLLLL. That's the RUMOR anyways. Other RUMOURED acts include: Placebo, Sum 41, One OK Rock, Travis, and more. The festival is RUMOURED to be taking place at the Shendi Ecology Park, which is about a 15-minute walk from Shanghai Disneyland. RUMOURED. Oh wait, that's not a rumour, that's true. More information as we get it.


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