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Glam's 38rmb Happy Hour

May 18, 2016 | 15:54 Wed
Deals Tested: We kick the tires on various food, drink or miscellaneous deals so you don't have to.
This week's Deals Tested brings us back to the Bund, drinking discounted cocktails, living the good life over at Shanghai legacy restaurateur Michelle Garnaut's dreamy upscale lounge, Glam.

The deal is this: 38rmb + 10% cocktails from 5pm to 9pm every single day. The cocktails are wrested from Glam's regular drinks menu, so you're getting the good drinks with the good booze that usually cost around 80rmb to 90rmb for less than half the price.


Let me tell you a thing or several about drinking 38rmb cocktails at a single digit Bund address (number five in this case):

It's like stretching out your legs for the first time in business class after you've been bumped up from an economy seat.

It's like finding out that girl in marketing who's way out of your league said that you have nice hair.

It's like having the epiphany there's more to life than Yongkang Lu.

Drinking a 38rmb cocktail on the Bund, you don't even notice that the bar manager is loudly and unprofessionally berating a server in front of the guests and being a total dickhead, ("You think I don't know what kind of person you are?!"). You don't even notice. It's 38rmb, man. San shi ba kuai.

When the free popcorn that you aren't expecting (you're only paying 38rmb!) arrives, you ascend into the ninth level of consciousness.

Well... maybe you don't actually achieve enlightenment, but free popcorn bowls are always nice. They come seasoned with salt, sugar, and is that cumin? Before you know it, you've finished three bowls.

If I had to look for a complaint, it's that the drinks on the happy hour menu -- including the G&T, Glamorama, Aperol Spritz, Glam Hour Mule -- are all on the sweet side. Although you can get Tsingtao beer or a glass of wine, there's nothing bitter or sour on offer. But that's only if there was a complaint, and there isn't one really, because the cocktails are only 38rmb.

So, yeah. Glam. Great happy hour spot on the Bund. Thrifty way to impress guests. Thrifty way to impress yourself with your own good sense.


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