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Liquid Laundry's Sort of Secret Free-Flow Tuesdays

Jun 14, 2016 | 12:26 Tue
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At 8.29pm, Liquid Laundry's copper bar is mostly vacant. There are a few diners left, sitting in the couches and at the tables in the back.

At 8.30pm, the trendy gastro lounge is still not busy, but something significant has changed. The staff know it and a few savvy customers know it too. You can feel it in the air. Liquid Laundry's keg of free-flow beer has begun.

The Deal: Read carefully, because the chances of the staff letting you know about this are slim -- spend 100rmb per person on anything on the menu and get free-flow on Liquid Laundry's fine craft brew from the chosen keg-of-the-week until it runs dry. It starts at 8.30pm every Tuesday and goes however long it needs to.


On two previous Tuesday visits, I had spent well above 100rmb without any of the staff telling me about the free-flow. Last week, I was curious to see if it'd happen for a third time.

Sure enough, it did.

After ordering a half chicken (128rmb), I asked for another beer after 8.30pm to see if they'd tell me about the free-flow. Nope. They did very kindly give me several ale recommendations and even let me sample a couple of them. I even tried ordering a beer that was no longer available, which they did not follow up with "but you can partake on the free-flow for this one".

You know what's always -- always, always -- the best beer recommendation? The unlimited free one. Whatever it happens to be.

It's hard to say if they've been given strict orders to keep quiet about the deal or if they just happen to forget that it exists every single Tuesday that I go. Either way, I know about it and now you do too.

Hmmmmm. Maybe this was a bad move.

They only tap the one keg and when it's gone, it's gone. My apologies to the Tuesday regulars. Well... always good to share on a good thing, right? Spread that golden wealth. But yeah, once you mention the deal to the staff, they'll keep serving you the free-flow until the keg's empty. And you can drink as long as you've spent over 100rmb and haven't paid your bill by 8.30pm.

On previous visits, I've always managed to drink my fill and dip out into the night while other people were still working on it. The staff claims that the keg typically runs out around 11.30pm-ish to midnight. The last time I was there, though, it flowed until they closed. The keg rotates each week. Last week was the Alleycat Amber.

This Tuesday, tonight, it's the Sleepless in Saison. Have at it.


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