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Weekend In Live Music: ChaCha, Brandt Brauer Frick, Big Wave, Soulspeak & 小老虎

By Nov 19, 2015 Nightlife
So much good live music on these next four days, starting tonight at Shelter with Shanghai's dancehall queen ChaCha doing a set of brand new material. At Mao Live you've got Austin six-piece Balmorhea dropping some introspective bangers. Yuyintang even has some German indie folk in the form of Honig & Jonas David.

Moving on to Friday, you probably already know about the Neon Indian show at QSW, but another show worth checking out is this China Drifting 2015 gig at Mao Live. They've got Berlin-based live techno act Brandt Brauer Frick, Pet Conspiracy's front-man Huzi, and Re-TROS's front-man Hua Dong, as well as a solo set by Re-TROS. They're a big deal -- their last album was produced by Andy Gill from Gang of Four. Damn, there's even a Stevie Wonder tribute concert. They better play "All I Do", cause Stevie invented house music with that jam. Also, Shanghai band Bordhell play their final show at On Stage.

Saturday, daytime, the Iron Mic hip hop kids are taking over Cages in Jing'an for a 12-hour cypher. If you're looking to see what's good with the really underground local hip hop scene here, that's worth checking out. The hip hop show of the week happens on Saturday night at On Stage, with Beijing duo Soulspeak and J-Fever (小老虎) launching their new album. For more on all that, and the new Douban D-Force label that released the album, check our man Josh Feola's in-depth interview with Soulspeak.

If you're more into new-wave, post-punk, and discopunk, definitely don't miss Beijing band The Big Wave playing at Yuyintang on Saturday night. They're one of the best young bands touring China at the moment.

Finally, on Sunday night, you've got German gothic metal legends Lacrimosa returning to Shanghai for their 25th anniversary tour. They've played a lot of shows in China these last few years, as they've got a strong base. If you're goth, this is the show of the week. If not, Cotton Club is always a strong look on a Sunday night.



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