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Marathons And Mojitos For Charity This Weekend

By Jun 24, 2015 Activities
Couple fundraisers coming up this weekend for people who want to save some children by exercising to the point of vomiting.

On Saturday morning, Iron Dragon Crossfit hosts their 2nd Annual Shanghai Charity Burpee Marathon. A burpee is an exercise in pain, which starts with a squat, moves into a push-up, and ends with a standing jump. You can watch these swolemates for an idea. The thought of doing 1000 push-ups alone is insane, but somebody did win the "Undisputed Burpee Legend Full Marathon" at this event last year. Participants can opt to do less burpees in other challenges, or sign up in teams to split the work. Kids teams also get their own category. Registration opens at 9am, and the challenges start at 10am.

The Shanghai Rotary Club will also be at Iron Dragon to help distribute a portion of the funds to earthquake relief in Nepal. Other proceeds go to Second Chance Animal Aid and other causes. Competing costs 300rmb for individuals or 1200rmb for teams of five people max. Spectators get in free. Registration, rules, and challenge details.

Then on Sunday, Jing'an Shangri-La has this "vertical fun run" called Climb For Hope. That's a run from the Jing'an Kerry Center piazza and up 60 flights of stairs to the top floor of the Jing'an Shangri-La. They're raising money for the Shanghai Children's Medical Centre, who develop pediatrics in rural areas for underprivileged children. For 200rmb, runners get a t-shirt, warm-up coaching, and a free breakfast buffet from Calypso after the run. Friends and family can also join that breakfast for 150rmb. The run starts at 8.30am. To register, message the Shangri-La's official WeChat (ID: SLJN00).

Finally, The Rooster is working with Stepping Stones to provide English classes for disadvantaged migrant kids. For every 40rmb mojito sold, The Rooster will give 10rmb to Stepping Stones, and one semester of English classes only costs 100rmb per child so...yeah -- more mojitos = more English = more life chances. Stepping Stones is also selling raffle tickets for 20rmb each, or 100rmb for six, with prizes like Caliburger vouchers and Main Yoga memberships. Goes down from 5-9pm with no cover. Details.




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