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New SmartDeals: Shook's Secret 'Executive Menu' Is Almost 700rmb Off

By Nov 3, 2017 Dining
Fans of lux cuisine in Shanghai, we've got an exclusive, fantastic, "exclusive", posh, and exclusive deal for our SmartDeals platform users. It's on the pricey side, but it comes from a long time Bund-side staple, SHOOK! and worth a splurge. There's a bit of a story behind this one, and we took pics of the food, so skip past the fold for details. Don't know what SmartDeals are? Skip past the fold for cost-efficiency enlightenment, mmhmm.


For those of you not "in the know", SmartDeals is a lusty marriage between SmartShanghai and SmartTicket. On SmSh we have a wealth of deals uploaded each week, and some have asked for the sheer convenience-factor option of being able to reserve places online prior to going. Not everyone wants to wait 40 minutes for a table at Fat Cow on Mondays. Thus, SmartTicket to the rescue, amigos. We're creating a curated service for deals each day of the week, plus one weekly deal that can be redeemed anytime this week, or for future dates. So, whenever you see the SmartDeals logo, open this wire UP to see what new deals we're highlighting.


Shook! caught wind of the infamous SmartDeals that we've been doing and decided to invite us down to check-out their "VIP Executive" degustation menu prior to letting it go live (how kind). There is a limited run of these tickets, only 30 available. Ticket prices are discounted by 40% (39% for honesty's sake). The original price is steep at 1,725rmb, for 8 courses (yes, there is lobster and wagyu beef involved) plus two glasses of sparkling wine, but, goodnight nurse, they are shaving 675rmb and waiving the service charge. Ya'll just got paid, so celebrate your October accomplishments.

Here's the pitch and photos:

From Chef Brian Chan comes Shook!’s new VIP Executive degustation menu and SmartDeals has a limited amount of preview (heavily discounted) tickets. Informed, of course, by their Malaysian roots, the menu combines a pan-Asian ingredients and seafood emphasis with a Western fine dining approache. Diners are treated to a truly indulgent array of flavors with lux bases like lobster, scallops, oyster, Wagyu beef, and more. The dining environment is the historic Swatch Art Peace Hotel, famous for being a favorite of Chiang Kai-shek back in the day. It now serves mostly an artists residence, with a few sought-after suites, replete with a stunning rooftop bar. Great opportunity to explore one of Malaysia’s finest purveyors of style and elegance in Shanghai — world class meal on The Bund at a fraction of the price.


“Fanny Bay” – Canadian Oyster wasabi sea urchin butter, broiled


Pan-roasted Hokkaido Scallop, edamame puree, pickled shimeji mushrooms, ikura


Butter-poached Maine lobster, curried red lentils, pineapple chutney, coconut emulsion, coriander


Singer water sorbet (not dessert, just a palette cleanser!)

To see the whole menu and get tickets, click here.


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