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The Nest Releases Statement on December 17 Incident

By Jan 9, 2018 Activities
At the conclusion of the police investigation, Bund restaurant and lounge The Nest has released their statement regarding the altercation between guests and staff that occurred on December 17 at the venue. Read it after the jump.



The Nest would like to thank our friends and family for your kind messages and support during this difficult time. Further to our statements of 18 and 25 December regarding the incident at The Nest on 17 December, the official Police investigation is now completed with a Police-mediated settlement agreement released. Therefore we are now able to provide a full statement on this matter.

Based on the severity of the accusations made against The Nest and our team, we proactively requested the Police to expand their investigation into the incident to gain a completely independent conclusion. This included: full statements from every individual involved, all security camera footage, the statement of an independent witness, and our attacked manager’s medical reports. We strongly encouraged the other party to also fully submit themselves and any evidence to this same process. When such shocking allegations were being circulated, we wanted the full and unequivocal truth.

Based on the complete and independent Police investigation and the settlement agreement, there is no case for wrongdoing against The Nest or its injured manager.

The Police therefore reverted to the settlement agreement determined on a coherent and timely basis on the night of the incident -confirmed through signature and fingerprint of the two females involved.

Settlement Agreement

The Police-mediated settlement agreement is outlined below and will be made fully available by The Nest on request:

· There were only two individual females involved in the incident: The Nest’s Senior Operations Manager -Nicole Yin and the guest -Yuen Jian Zi. There is no claim by or mention of Lisa Chao Fee Chang. There is no claim against or mention whatsoever of The Nest security.

· Both females waived their rights to claim or receive medical attention. Both females, and only the two females, sustained a similar magnitude of injuries (scratches and bruises), and each female, plus the Police, confirmed that there was no medical attention required.

· Both females waived their rights to take any further action regarding the incident.

There was no official claim made or evidence found whatsoever of any security guards beating any guests. There was no official claim or evidence found whatsoever of any discriminatory or hateful language used by The Nest team. The Nest categorically and vehemently denies these malicious falsifications spread in the media.

Our Statement

Over the past three years we have hosted over half a million guests from all over the world and from every community, with the overwhelming majority expressing deep satisfaction with all aspects of their experience.

Because of the nature of our business, we retain and train security personnel who are prepared to manage guests who threaten or cause serious harm to themselves, other guests, our team or property. Our team is trained to defuse situations and find the safest outcome for all parties without force. The Nest absolutely and strongly opposes all forms of violence in any situation.

The Nest was advised not to disclose information about the incident throughout the course of the Police investigation. The other party, who immediately commenced with a trial by social media, has now through their lawyer, requested the parties not to disclose further details of this incident to the public. We cannot agree to that because untruthful statements have been made and spread, which have harmed our credibility and possibly our employees’ safety.

We have only disclosed facts, in full respect and cooperation of the due process of the Police investigation.

Meanwhile, slander and false reports that have been spread about the incident have caused great harm to our reputation and our business during our most important time of the year.

We are fully open to respond to any legitimate media who wish to report facts on the official Police-mediated settlement agreement, our evidence on the incident and our direct responses to questions on the incident.

Nicole's Statement

Nicole our trusted, three-year senior staff member made an honest mistake of thinking, in passing, that one of the other party was a man entering the female toilets. She responded calmly and professionally, on the basis of protecting the safety of our guests. She sincerely apologized to the guest immediately upon realizing her mistake. She was then alone, outnumbered and outweighed, for 4 minutes, 15 seconds in the female washroom until security was alerted to rescue her.

The Nest will fully respect Nicole’s right to go public with her own statement of events.

The Bigger Picture

Our greatest regret is that certain groups have used this incident to spread hatred and mistrust against minority communities. The Nest under no circumstances discriminates against anyone’s gender, sexual preference, race or religion.

Therefore over these last weeks we have collected evidence of such malicious activities and we are ready to take the strongest action available within the means of the law. These actions will be against individuals, group leaders, media platforms, and others who have falsely slandered, defamed and damaged The Nest and our employees’ reputations, our business and our principles.

We hope to build a positive from all this negativity. We are currently exploring ways that this incident can be used to improve understanding, dignity and safety for workers across the Chinese service and hospitality industry, and will be releasing further details in due course.

It’s now 2018, we want to get back to our regular business of spreading warmth and love to all.

Thank you,

The Nest



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