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These Grocery Stores, Food Shops and Bodegas Are Online and Do Delivery

By Feb 9, 2020 Shopping
If you haven’t already figured out the perfect grocery shopping routine, and still have to put on a mask to shop for vegetables, know that there are some other options out there to supply your kitchen. The first, which you might not have known about, is Eleme. Yes, Eleme does groceries. On the front page, click the blue circle that says 商超 in the icon and 商超便利 underneath it. That will bring up a new page. Click the left-most icon, which says 超市 and it will bring up the supermarkets within the delivery range for your house. For me, that included City Shop, City’super, JustFresh and starmart, which stock most of what you need between them, and can save a few trips outside. You’ll also find specialists like Alimentari, bodegas like Laura’s and Casa Daily, and big chains Ole and Aldi, depending on your location. (Aldi also has a WeChat Mini Program here.) There’s also Hema, though that has had a message for several days saying they have a shortage of deliverymen, and it’s best to shop in the stores. Separately, some individual shops or companies are offering their own delivery. Swiss Butchery does meats and cheeses through their e-shop (next day delivery, 50rmb fee for orders under 600rmb) and online butcher Yingos is still running (search Yingos on WeChat). Kate & Kimi are delivering in Shanghai as usual. Epermarket says they are 95% back to normal. Members-only club Sam’s Club has an online platform, and has a grocery site as well. Or, if you’re just in the mood for a good, cleansing SHOP, Costco is still open, albeit on limited hours (closes at 7pm until further notice).



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