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Wuhan Punks SMZB, Edited Ark Album Launch, Brooklyn's Reonda, Beijing Post-Rock, and Horror Groove Metal

Nov 15, 2016 | 11:14 Tue
While Shanghai underground dance clubs seem to be dropping likes flies lately, luckily our rock 'n' roll is here to stay. On top of the multiple folk bookings around town, we've got some solid touring acts this week, and an even a local band album release show. Settle in kids, today we have a little something for everyone.



Wednesday, November 16 @ Yuyintang

Brooklyn-born singer-songwriter Reonda stops by Yuyintang for a midweek show. Touring across China with just the guitar on her back and her heart on her sleeve, Reonda sings introspective slow burners inspired by the likes of Nick Drake, Elliot Smith, and Johnny Cash. If you are looking for a chill date night outing then this show should fit the bill -- at 100rmb per person at the door that is. Starts at 8:30pm.

Reonda - "Girl and the Sea"

SMZB, Round Eye, Loudspeaker

Friday, November 18 @ Yuyintang

Arguably the first real punk band in China and most certainly the longest running, SMZB returns to Shanghai on their 20th anniversary tour. These Wuhan punk legends have seen it all and barely lived to tell their tale. From experiencing album censorship to being banned from live venues, singer Wu Wei has never stopped fighting the good fight. Wu Wei also owns one of the best punk rock bars in China called Wuhan Prison, home of small underground gigs and the Spicy Dostav shot. They are back on Maybe Mars Records with a special new album The Chinese Are Coming. Check out the title track here and hit them up on Friday for the real thing. 100rmb on the door, liberty spikes, and bullet belts encouraged.

SMZB - "The Chinese Are Coming"

Edited Ark, Ugly Girls, Cal Crotch

Friday, November 18 @ Inferno

On the local side of Friday's fence we have a special album release party from The Edited Ark. Playing around town for the past year Devin Gallery previously of Boys Climbing Ropes and Morten Fausboll previously of umm, Pirate Panties have laid down 8 tracks of pure fire. Also on the bill are up and coming punk band Ugly Girls. I got a chance to see Ugly Girls last week and in my opinion, their straightforward riot grrrl style is just what this town needs. Let's smash it up ladies (and Andy). Not to mention also playing is the solo antics of Scottish musician Cal Crotch. How much would you pay for all this? 100rmb? 500rmb? Try free. The show starts at 9pm.


Friday, November 18 @ On Stage

If you left punk rock back in junior high with your retainer and that copy of Grapes of Wrath then how about a nice instrumental post-rock booking? Beijing's Sparrow will give you all that and more. I actually first picked up their vinyl record in America last month and have played it at least 10 times now. Having been together since 2008 the seasoned post-rockers know when to lay it on heavy and when to put the chill zone to the max. Check out their Douban for the latest tracks. Here is a classic cut that I think you'll enjoy. This guy is 100rmb at the door with an 8:30pm start time.

Sparrow - "Han'xin Temple"

Scare the Children

Saturday, November 19M @ Inferno

File this show under yes-this-does-exist-in-China. Beijing's horror rock outfit Scare the Children take the stage at Inferno Saturday. Whether you are a dedicated Juggalo or possibly just watched the new season of American Horror Story then this gig is for you. Their band bio throws around words like "the cast" instead of members and has a self-described style of "heavy sound that combines groove metal and punk". Despite the warning flags I'm all in on this one and hoping they blow away Insane Clown Posse. Inferno promises a guest band as well (that's gonna be a tough oversized shoe to fill). This one starts at 10pm and is 80rmb at the door.

Scare the Children - "The Amazing Circus of Betsy and Clown"

Well, I said there was a little something for everyone...


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