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Go See ArtBattle International! A Dozen Artists. Three Rounds. Audience Decides. MO-AAAART-AL KOMBAAAAAT

Nov 21, 2018 | 09:00 Wed
This Sunday, M50 sees Shanghai's second (official) Art Battle International. Organized by Madness and partnered with Levi's (look, our logo's on the flyer too!), the format is dead simple; artists compete easel-to-easel with acrylic paints against each other, in three twenty-minute rounds, and the audience decides who goes on to the next round. On the card are Iris Lively, Benj Kinenga, Aaliyah Navras, Ronald Paredes, Zhen Liang, Igor Husag, Lucky Lasagna (yes!), Sabine Lindved, Jay Mark, Feat, Pablo Lincura and "Lily". Twelve artists enter! One artist leaves! The other eleven also leave, unscathed, maybe some paint in the eye, since it's not that kind of ArtBattle. Tickets are going for 120rmb over on SmartTicket. There can be only one!


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