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Young Artist Cyber Sesh At OCAT Opening, Some Good Shows Closing Soon

By Dec 4, 2015 Arts & Stage
Coming in a just a few weeks after their dark, violent video exhibition Play Back, OCAT’s new show The Ballad of Generation Y opens Saturday from 6-9pm. Looks like a fine overview of a new generation of Chinese artists for whom the Internet and technology is muse, medium and platform. Always critical and cutting-edge, the Suzhou Creek gallery is one of our favorites. Real estate companies know how to get shit done, apparently.

Liu Xin collects tears from the online community in 'Can you "tear" for me?'

The curator of this latest installment of their Young Artist Project is Zhang Ga, who just wrapped up the online version of essentially the same exhibition for this year’s Venice Biennale. All new media works, the show spans video, electronics, installations and various forms of documentation. Case in point: Liu Xin’s collection of "tears" she collects from an online community, or Guo Xi and Zhang Jianling blurring of story-telling, fable and fact in the Great Voyage. There’s also works by Guo Cheng and Chen Yiyun, Lin Ke, Liu Jiayu, Miao Ying, Shen Xin, and Kunming native Ye Funa, who you may remember from her cyber nail salon project over the summer, or her deck of cards that featured portraits of 52 people from a Yunnan village.

Ye Funa's nails, from a summer article we never got around to finishing.

The Ballad of Generation Y opens Saturday evening from 6–9pm.

OCAT aside, there’s slim pickings in terms of actual openings this weekend. What better time, then, to catch current shows you may have missed. At the westernmost end of Huaihai Lu in Red Town, the Gucci-sponsored No Longer Not Yet at Minsheng closes next week. Recommended.

You could also catch the Hugo Boss Asian Art Award at Rockbund -- congrats to Philippines artist Maria Taniguchi, who was announced as the winner of that just last week.

If you’re headed to M50, Interstellar Stella at Chronus Art Center is pretty rad: think computer-generated, gun-wielding assassins, romping around an eery sci-fi universe. Oh, and right next door is Zhu Jia’s Critical Pervasion at ShanghART with some nice photography and conceptual video works.

Intersellar Stella at Chronus Art Center

For all of that and loads more, check the art calendar right here.



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