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PRIVATE SPACES in Shanghai Are Cheaper than You Realize

Shanghai startups. Gotta love 'em. You can rent private spaces now all over downtown at REALLY good rates w/WhiteSpace
Sep 3, 2021 | 12:00 Fri

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Hey! Your agenda is jammed and suddenly your boss wants you to organize a training workshop, and he wants it next week?

Don’t worry, WhiteSpace has you covered. They’re the hot new Shanghai start-up, dedicated to providing on-demand collaboration space.

You know how in 2017 we all started talking about coworking? Well, now cost-effective flexible collaboration space is the next big thing.

What is collaboration space?

It’s a dedicated space where you can do absolutely anything you want (within the confines of the law obviously!) That means trainings, workshops, meetings, community meetups, dance sessions, movie nights and even yoga classes.

What’s flexible about it?

Flexible means no long-term contracts! You can rent WhiteSpace’s space starting from half-day slots to months in a row.

How cost-effective?

A 100 person space at WhiteSpace starts at 3500rmb for a whole day. WhiteSpace is literally 90% cheaper than hotel meeting spaces, so from now on you can totally forget about them.

What equipment is provided?

They provide all the equipment you’d want, like projectors, super strong Wi-Fi, whiteboards, tables and chairs, and they have a dedicated operations team on hand around the clock.

Anything else?

WhiteSpace has 6 CBD locations, each within 5-minute walk of a metro. That’s People’s Square, Xujiahui, Wujiaochang, Wuning Road, Hongkou’s North Sichuan Road, and Jiangsu Road.

We almost forgot to add that everyone from Toastmasters and Shanghai Bloggers Club all the way to Pizza Marzano, Accenture and Huawei trust WhiteSpace.

Because whether you’re a corporate or a community, you all need space to collaborate. So call now and join the 40,000 people who enjoy WhiteSpace every month!

Mention SmartShanghai and you will get a 30% discount for any new booking.

Scan below to see how WhiteSpace can help you create your future.