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Summer Activities For Families Who Didn't Book Summer Camp

Jul 27, 2017 | 15:27 Thu
Hey families! If you missed all the glorious info on summer camps, or you didn't book that vacation, and now you're being driven up the walls by the stir-crazy rascals, it's alright. We've got some ideas on what to do. There's Movie Night at the Pearl, and a few options on the Children's Theater front (can get your tickets here). More info after the jump.


The Pearl's adding kid’s movie nights to its repertoire. On Sunday afternoons, during the summer they'll be screening some family favorites like Toy Story, The Lion King, Harry Potter, and Grease. They've got concessions for purchase like popcorn for the kids, and nice cold spritz’s for the adults. Also burgers and hot dogs, so that's lunch. Two birds, one movie. There will be two shows each Sunday, one at 2pm one at 4pm. Family screenings end August 27.

It's the last weekend to catch this one, show ends July 30. 'Oops! Invisible Boy!’, is a silent magic show from famous Chinese magician Chenxing Wang. The performance combines educational games with magic tricks in an interactive way. Fit for kids ages 3-12 with lots of props and shiny visuals to keep them busy. Tickets range from 100-260rmb, and there are several showtimes throughout the weekend. Check the schedule and get your tickets here.

Shanghai Children’s Art Theatre is doing a live concert performance in tandem with a series of short award winning animated films. Super artsy. Each of the shorts are set to an individual étude by Chopin. Good for music lovers. Show will be happening on August 20. Tickets range from 180-480rmb, and as is becoming a trend, they're available right here.


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