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New Beer Fest This Weekend In Minhang, Don't Worry, They've Organized A Bus

Jun 15, 2020 | 11:36 Mon
If you were bummed out Beernanza got postponed, here's another celebration dedicated to the amber-colored ambrosia of the bearded bro gods. Beer City Brew Fest is pitching tents next weekend (June 19-21) out in Ala Town.

Big whoop. Another beer fest. Yawn.

Hang in there, you tall glass of hazy IPA you, this one's built around a brewing competition and features a bunch of limited-edition beers brewed only for this festival. Homebrewers and large breweries go head to head for a grand prize of 5,000rmb (3.4 bottles of Snake Venom) and the title of Beer Champion. Champion of Beers. If that's not enough to get you to schlep your beautiful sudsy self out to Minhang — we get it — they've organized shuttle buses from Nanjing Xi Lu to Ala Town and back. There will be a complementary beer on the bus. Singlets, sandals and big, bushy beards not included. Check the flyer for more details.

Pre-sale over on SmartTicket includes 100rmb worth of food and drink vouchers for the festival, as well as access to the VIP Area on the upper deck of ,Shanghai Brew House, with a terrace overlooking the milling crowds of beer peasants, and a private bar. You also get a free beer upon entering the VIP Area. The (almost certainly cursed) Beer Bus will be rotating from Shanghai Brew House by Jing'an Temple to Ala Town, departing roughly every hour and a half every day of the festival. SmartTicket customers get to reserve a time-slot and a seat on the Beer Bus, otherwise it's first-come-first-serve. Tickets to Beer City available on SmartTicket.


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